How to Deploy Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2013

In this tutorial, we will consider a simple example of Sandbox Solution Deployment. The process is quite simpler compared to Farm solution deployment. Following are the steps for the same –

Step 1:

Initially, create a new SharePoint site collection.

Step 2:

Rename the Contacts list name to Contacts in your project.

Step 3:

Right-click on the project, then choose Retract.

Step 4:

Go to Visual Studio project. Next, click that project in Solution Explorer and further go to properties window. Make Sandbox Solution changed to True. Once a warning dialogue gets displayed, click on Yes to save the change.

Step 5:

Now, go to Site settings. Then navigate to Web Designer Galleries to reach Solutions gallery.

Step 6:

Next, click the Solutions link to get a page to deploy the sandbox solutions.

Step 7:

Return to Visual Studio. Right-click and then select Publish to File System. Finally, click Publish button for publishing the New Solution Package to package folder.

Step 8:

Go back to SharePoint site and click Upload Solution button option available on the Ribbon.

Step 9:

Browse to Features And Elements solution. Next, click OK

Step 10:

Click the Activate button. This will activate the sandbox solution

Step 11:

Navigate to Manage site features. There you can see your Sample Feature.
That’s how you can deploy Sandbox solutions in SharePoint.

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