How to Create Thesaurus in SharePoint 2013

Different people may use different words to search for the same thing or information.

When it comes to searching information in SharePoint, Thesaurus can prove to be extremely helpful.

If you want to create a Thesaurus for search terms in SharePoint 2013, following is the way to go.


Step 1:

Open text editor of your choice like Notepad

Step 2:

Enter following columns of your Thesaurus in your text editor
Key, Synonym, Language
Create Thesaurus in SharePoint 2013
Make sure to place comma between two words/phrases

Step 3:

Go to the next line of your text editor and type a key term/phrase, then its synonym and finally the two letter language code (in “Key, Synonym, Language” format) separated by commas.
In our case, we typed “Coffee, Caramel, en
sharepoint - switching the order
So, when users search for “Coffee”, search results for Coffee as well as Caramel will be displayed

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 while switching the order of Key, Synonym
ms sharepoint - Coffee, Caramel, en
So, when users search for Caramel, search results for both Caramel and Coffee will be displayed

Step 5:

Save the file with .csv extension and UTF-8 encoding

This is how you can create Thesaurus in SharePoint 2013. Once you create Thesaurus successfully, you need to import the same. We will cover the Thesaurus import process in our next SharePoint tutorial.

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