A team site in SharePoint 2013 is typically used to organize, edit and share information among team members.
Team site is the first page you get to see when accessing the SharePoint environment. So, in a way, it can also be called your Home in SharePoint. Understanding Team site is crucial as it will help you work more efficiently and easily with other sections of your SharePoint environment.

If you want to create a team site to facilitate such ease of using information, you can follow the steps given below –

Step 1 :

Click “Site Contents”


Step 2 :

Next, click “New Subsite”


Step 3 :

  • Enter Title, Description and URL in the given boxes. In our case we entered title as “Admin Area” and website address as “admin”
  • Also, make sure the template selection option is changed to “Team Site”



Step 4 :

  • Set user permission to “Use same permissions as parent site”
  • Click “Create” to save changes.



  • Your new team site “Admin Area” will be displayed now


That was the simple step-by-step procedure to create SharePoint 2013 team site. If you want to learn more on SharePoint 2013 or any of its earlier versions, feel free to subscribe to our blogs or go through our other tutorials on SharePoint.

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