How to Create a Web Part page in SharePoint 2013

A Web Part page effectively supports the optimum use of web parts. Following are the steps to create Web Part page –

Step 1:

Got to Site Contents, then scroll down and click icon- Site Pages.

Step 2:

Navigate to FILES tab. Click the dropdown arrow on New Document button on the Ribbon. Select Web Part Page shown under options.

Step 3:

Name this page as Courses. Next, select full page vertical. Click Create.

Step 4:

Once you see a link that allows adding a Web Part, click the link

Step 5:

Once the Web Part Gallery opens up, you will find a web part for every list and library in our site

Step 6:

Click the Courses List. Finally click Add.

Step 7:

Once Web Parts are added, click “Stop Editing” as showing in the ribbon.

Step 8:

If you have to add a new document, either you can upload it or can simply drag & drop here. You will be having access to Edit Control Block menus for list as well as library.

Step 9:

For each Web Part, you will find a little dropdown menu. You can use the menu to delete the web part. If you do have to delete a web part, simply click Delete.
That’s how you can create a Web Part page in SharePoint 2013.

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