Document Library in SharePoint 2013 – An Overview


While we refer to the storage of different documents in MS SharePoint libraries, it is vital to know that you can easily store a range of file types that includes presentations, images, spreadsheets and forms. Additionally, you can store almost any type of file in SharePoint library provided that file type is not added to “Blocked File Types” listing. We will explain the concept of “Blocked File Type” in our other tutorial.


Core Components of SharePoint Document Library

Metadata information :-

Document libraries include metadata columns for easily attaching information like document owner or status to documents and further tailoring it as required. Metadata is extremely useful when it comes to running searches on documents. Users with suitable permissions can easily and quickly create extra metadata columns which will help to describe the library contents.


Document Protection :-

Documents in SharePoint libraries are effectively protected by a feature called check-in and check-out. This feature ensures that a single user can edit a document at a specific time.


Document History :-

Libraries maintain a document audit trail that is known as version history. This useful feature enables you to quickly & efficiently revert to a version of the document that was previously saved, directly from the browser. Furthermore, version history feature allows you track changes made to the document’s content and metadata. Depending on the site template being used, you may require enabling this feature.


Major and Minor Versions :-

Major versions refer to all published files that are made accessible to all of the site users. Minor versions refer to files that are in a draft state and can be accessed typically only by a document’s author or authorized members.


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