In case, you are not a site administrator, then you may not have sufficient permissions to create a new SharePoint site. In such case, you need to request for permission. Mostly companies have a process for requesting a team site. For instance, you may send an request via e-mail to the SharePoint administrator or may be asked to fill out a form.


Whatever it is require doing to get your SharePoint 2013 team site, just follow that. At a minimum, you need to give your SharePoint administrator with all this necessary information to get a team site:


The site name:

The friendly caption which appears in the header of your site and in any site directory where your site may be listed.


The site template:

The template validates what kind of site SharePoint makes for you. SharePoint consists of dozens of predefined site templates. Your organization may even create its custom site templates. Tell your administrator you want a team site that is the popular of all the SharePoint 2013 site templates.


The web address or URL:

The unique distinctive location where your team site is hosted. In many organizations, all team sites are located off the same root web address. Few examples :






Your company may also ask who has permission to access the site. By default, all SharePoint team sites have three basic kinds of users, which are called SharePoint groups:


Visitors have Read Only permission. They are authorize to view your site without making any contributions.


Members can contribute in your team site by uploading and editing documents or adding tasks or other items.


Owners have Complete Control permission to customize the site. As the person requesting the team site, the SharePoint administrator likely assumes that you’re the proud owner until you particularly tell him or her who owns the site.


You require deciding which users fit into these three SharePoint groups. SharePoint provides more than just these three groups, and you can create your own groups to meet your requirements.


Your site’s users should be connected physically to your network or have per-mission from your network administrator to access your network remotely. Few organization set up a special kind of deployment for SharePoint, called an extranet, which provides a secure approach for non-employees to log in to their SharePoint team sites without actually locating on the internal company network.


Setting up SharePoint in an extranet environment can be achieved via many ways. Configuring a SharePoint extranet in your company’s network can be complicated and complex procedure. But, the good news is that SharePoint Online, which is part of the Office 365 suite, removes many of the technical barriers to creating an extranet.


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