Person or Group Column in SharePoint

The Person or Group column allows assigning ownership of items or even personalizing the data display to users of a SharePoint list. You do have the choice of selecting several items, which thus enables you to easily assign single task to more than one person.

Moreover, you can allow selection of people groups rather than individuals. Consider for example, you create a task and then assign it to your technical support group. Once this is done, any of the support group’s members can complete your request instead of relying on users to tell them the technician who will complete the task.


Available configuration options for Person or Group column are shown below –


Person or Group Column in SharePoint


You also have the option of defining suitably if a person from Person or Group column has been drawn from the users list or has been taken from a single group. This is useful if you wish to have “Assigned To” column for representing the person reviewing the document next.

As only people with approval rights are allowed to review items, it does make sense to specify initially that only the Approvers SharePoint site group members should be assigned to that column.


You can choose to have the person identified via different personal properties like –

  • Display name
  • E-mail address
  • Job title
  • Picture


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