Issues Tracking List App in SharePoint – An Overview

An issue refers to an event that requires proper resolution. In a software environment, an issue may refer to a bug that has been identified in specific software during testing. Facing uncommon or unexpected issues while working on a project in SharePoint is quite usual within an organization.
However, what’s important is to track SharePoint issues and find resolution for the same. The Issue Tracking app helps users exactly do that.

Column Structure in Issues List App :

Following table shows a section of the column structure in an Issues list –
Columns in this table can be added or removed as required; however, the first column “Title Column” is an exception as it cannot be removed.

More about Issues Tracking List App :

This app supports offline synchronization features available with certain Microsoft client applications; however, support for Microsoft Outlook integration is missing.

You can very easily export relevant information from Issues list to any of the following –

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SharePoint Workspace

We hope this tutorial includes ample subject matter on the topic of Issues tracking list app in SharePoint. If you want to learn more, browse through our wide range of other tutorials on SharePoint.

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