Hyperlink or Picture Column and Calculated Column in SharePoint


Hyperlink or Picture Column :

This column provides quite little from the customization perspective beyond fully specifying if the item is actually required. However, it does provide one significant attribute.


It becomes easier for you to format the item URL as either of following-

  • A web address that can be clicked by users to open
  • As a picture in the form of a thumbnail


Calculated Column :

This is a special type of column that allows site manager to swiftly define a precise formula that will determine the column value without requiring any input from the user. It’s possible to have this useful formula based upon other different columns within the list.

Consider for example the formula – [Items Sold] × [Price], that helps to calculate the overall revenue related with a list item representing a customer sale.

Besides these two columns, there is a Task Outcome column that is used for lists having an associated workflow. Ideally, this column should be used within the actual workflow to get its outcome.


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