How to Create SharePoint Intranet for Small Business


In order to create a small business Intranet, you will have to initially create a SharePoint site for one department. This would be followed by adding apps to the site and finally adding pages as required.


Let’s go through the steps involved in the process –

Step 1:

Go to Site Settings


Step 2:

Click “Title, Description and Logo”


sharepoint Internet


Step 3:

Change the Title as required for your parent site. In our case, we named it “Cont”


Step 4:

Go back to “Site Contents”


sharepoint site contents


Step 5:

Click “New subsite” given at the page bottom


Step 6:

Enter Title and Description for the subsite. In our case, we named it “Sales” for the sales department.


new sharepoint site


Finally, click “Create” to save


Step 7:

Next create app for appointments. For this, proceed as below –


  • In “Site Contents”, click “Add an app”


sharepoint site contents


  • In the “find an app” search bar, type Calendar. Once the Calendar app is displayed, click on it. Enter the app name as “Appointments” and click “Create” to save


sharepoint your apps


Step 8:


Now, create app for Tasks. For this, proceed as below

  • In “Site Contents”, click “Tasks”


sharepoint contents 6


  • Enter name of the task and click “Create” to save changes


Step 8:

Next, create app for Pictures. For this, proceed as below –

  • In “Site Contents”, click “Add an app”


  • Type Pictures in the “find an app” search bar. Once Picture Library is displayed, click on it. Enter the app name and click “Create” to save. In our case, we entered “Photos”.


sharepoint photos


Step 9:

Go to Sales > Page > Edit.


sharepoint newsfeed


Enter names of the pages to be created. In our case, we entered “Progress”, “Problems” and “Plans”. Finally click “Save”


ms sharepoint 9


You will get three links to the pages. Click on the link “Progress” to get a dialog box asking your final permission to create the page. Click “Create” then enter the page name “Progress” and click “Save” to add the page.


ms sharepoint sales


Similarly, add the other two pages “Problems” and “Plans”.


That’s how you can create subsite for one department. Similarly, create other subsites for other departments and their corresponding apps and pages. This would complete the process of creating the SharePoint Intranet for different departments of a small business.


Kristin is a content strategist at Techarex Networks. Kristin follows the B2B technology space closely and loves to write on the latest changes in technology, futuretech and fixes for day to day how to issues. Besides writing Kristin also loves music, moves and skating.

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