How to Create a Datasheet View in SharePoint 2013

The Datasheet view in SharePoint provides a spreadsheet view that much similar to Excel. It comparatively allows easier and quicker mass updates as well as data customization.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Datasheet view.

Let’s go through the steps involved in the process –

Step 1 :

Navigate to your Tasks list

Step 2 :

Select Create View option

Step 3 :

Select the type of Datasheet View

Step 4 :

Next, you need to define your view using following table –

 Datasheet View in SharePoint


Step 5 :

Click OK button. This will enable completion of your Datasheet view creation.

Once you create and select your new datasheet view, you can view you list’s data in a spreadsheet-like view. Also, this view allows you to update multiple columns at once.

That’s the step-wise procedure of creating Datasheet view in SharePoint 2013.

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