How to Add a New Item to a List?


We have already explained the concept of “Announcement List App” in SharePoint. In this tutorial, we will learn the procedure to add a new item to the Announcement list.


Following are the steps for the same –

Step 1 :

Go to your project site’s main page


Step 2 :

Select “Site Contents” to get redirected to the page displaying all lists and libraries existing within your project site


Step 3 :

Click the Announcements link to get redirected to Announcements list


Step 4 :

Navigate to the page’s top. Go to the List Tools menu and click “Items tab”. Using this menu, you can not only create new announcements but also interact with existing announcements


Step 5 :

Select “New Item menu” option to get a form requiring details for the new announcement.


Step 6 :

Fill in the details in the Title, Body and Expire sections. In our case, we entered “New Project Launched” as the title. Also select a suitable expiry date for the announcement.


How to Add a New Item to a List


Step 7 :

Click “Save” to complete the action. You will be redirected to the list where your new announcement will appear with a new icon.

That’s how you can create a new entry or simply add a new item pertaining to new project launch in your Announcements list.


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