Exporting Excel Table to a SharePoint site

Creating a list in SharePoint from within Excel is referred to as exporting an Excel table. With the table data placed on your SharePoint site, you can see the entire Excel data without having to open Excel. You can also maintain a link b/w the SharePoint list and Excel data.

NOTE: It must be noted that any changes made in the Excel spreadsheet will not be reflected in SharePoint list. You can simply synchronize changes in SharePoint list to Excel spreadsheet.

The export of Excel table to SharePoint process deploys a two-step wizard. When you are exporting an Excel table to SharePoint, MS Excel checks entire data in each column for ensuring that the data belongs to a data type that’s supported by SharePoint. Excel also checks if each column contains just one type of data. In case a column has multiple data types, like numbers and text; then Excel chooses by default Text as data type.

Once Excel checks it completely, the wizard’s second step appears, which suitably identifies all data types that would be used for creating the columns in SharePoint. It also identifies cells containing different data values compared to rest of the cells in a specific column.

With the export process being complete, the spreadsheet includes two extra columns-

• Item Type
• Path

On Design contextual tab, you can also use commands in External Table data group for altering the properties of cells.

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