Discussion Board List App in SharePoint – An Overview

It becomes a must for organizations to have some effective mode of electronic communication when their team members located in different geographic locations have to collaborate on a project. E-mail may sound to be a valid option for this but the complexity of filtering e-mails adds more complexity for the team members.

A Discussion Board List App in SharePoint offers a much passive mode of electronic communication.

Benefits of Discussion Board List App :

When someone posts a question or message under a threaded discussion, other users can reply to that using a web interface. Moreover, all team members stay updated about the about decision-making processes without actually getting involved in a specific thread.

Following image shows a discussion on using SharePoint for a project site. You will be able to see the multiple replies from users who participated in this discussion thread along with the best reply.

Benefits of Discussion Board List App

The best part is that it’s very much possible to index all of this discussion content and make the same accessible with help of built-in search engine. Hence, a reliable, long-term knowledge center is available for the SharePoint users to get answers for all of their queries.

Moreover, if you want to control your communications from some e-mail client, you can connect this list app to Outlook. For this, you need to click “Connect to Outlook” from a discussion list’s ribbon menu.

That’s how you can use Discussion Board List App in SharePoint. To learn more on this subject, browse through our other tutorials.

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