Crucial Components of SharePoint – Ribbon and List

Irrespective of whether you choose an environment with on-premise SharePoint Server/SharePoint Foundation, or want to go for Office 365 implementation, there are some components that serve as the core in each deployment.


In this tutorial, we will know about some of the most crucial SharePoint components –


A Ribbon in SharePoint makes management and navigation activities simpler for improving the overall user experience. Use of small icons rather than text provides a better visual indication of the desired setting.

An example of Ribbon is shown in the image below.

Components of SharePoint


When you select a Media web part on the page, the Ribbon displays options related to managing that specific Web Part.


List and Items

A list in SharePoint serves as the storage location for items. Items are objects that users are tracking information about. In order to create an item, you need to fill the corresponding form for that item. The data you enter in the form will be stored in the list.

Besides Items, there are some other “List elements” as well like Columns and Views.

For example, a list for tracking customer orders will have different orders as the items of the list. SharePoint lists require no code, development skills, or tools for creation. List can be used for storing any sort of information.


Following are the four main types of list types –

  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Announcements
  • Calendars

Hopefully this tutorial fully explains the concept of Ribbon, List and Items in SharePoint.

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