Calendar List App in SharePoint – An Overview

Communication of information within an organization is the key to making endeavors a success and a shared calendar helps you do exactly that. A shared calendar helps improve crucial information like availability, deadlines, and progress.
SharePoint’s Calendar List app allows you leverage all of this in an extremely easier manner.

The Versatility of Calendar List App :

The wide range of views and features available with Calendar List app make it easier to track and view date-based information within team-based environments.
Moreover, you can connect your Calendar lists with any of the following –

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Access

On connecting your calendar list with either of these applications, information gets synchronized between your SharePoint list and a local copy existing within the application.
Additionally, you can export the information in your SharePoint Calendar list to Microsoft Excel.

Three Different View Options Available with Calendar List :

Calendar :-

In this view, all list information is displayed in the calendar format of month, week, and day.
Three Different View Options Available with Calendar List

Users can do either of the following –

  • Switch between the list items month, week, and day views
  • Select a specific date to easily view all items for that date


All Items :

This view displays all list items sorted according to their creation date.
Current Events – This view displays upcoming items according to their scheduled order of happening.

We hope this tutorial explains the concept of Calendar List app in SharePoint completely.

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