Mostly Asked Questions on MS Exchange Server

How can I synchronize my daily Notes with Exchange?

Kindly note that Entourage 2004 does not support synchronizing Notes with Exchange Server. However, the following is an alternative procedure to synchronize Notes with Exchange:
1. Choose the Exchange account in the given folders list present in Entourage.
2. Choose the New and Folder commands from the File menu.
3. Now, name the folder for example “My Notes”. Please do not name the folder “Notes”. This might conflict with the actual Notes folder present on the Exchange Server.
4. To append a note to the folder now choose the New and Post commands from the File menu. And, do not create a new Note. Kindly note, notes will not be saved into mail folders on Exchange Servers.
5. Now, Edit the Post as if it were a Note and then, save. Posts in this mail folder by synchronizing it like any mail message.

How to edit a distribution list present on the Exchange server?

Please note, Entourage 2004 does not support Groups or Distribution Lists on an Exchange Server. However, a local distribution list can be formed by using a received message and following the given procedure:
1. Open the message and then, choose the recipients present in the message.
2. now, Right-click or Control+click any one of the chosen recipients and choose Copy.
3. Choose the New and Group commands from the File menu.
4. Then, click in the bottom field and choose Paste from the Edit menu.
5. Rename and save the group. It is going to be saved to the locally stored Address Book [On My Computer].
Please Note: If the Exchange Server Distribution List is altered then the local Group will not reflect those amendments.

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