Installation of Exchange 2016-Windows update and also WAC update

After the installation is completed, you must update the WAC server to with the latest updated fixes by running windows update. Again, this may require to be done a couple of times before everything is up to date


Request and import certificate



When it is ready, we require requesting a certificate which can be used to secure the communication.

Open mmc console


Exchange 2016 Run


Now, Click on file and add remove Snap-in


Exchange File Snap


Now, Add the Local Computer Certificate store


Exchange Local computer certificate


Then, Select local computer and click on  “finish” and  then on “ok”


Exchange Local Computer


Navigate to  surf on Personal


Exchange Navigation


Now, Right click over the Personal and then select on the All Tasks -> Advanced Operations -> Create Custom Request


Exchange Create Custom Request


Now, Click  on “Next” button


Exchange Cerification Enrollment


Now Click on “ Next” again


Exchange Enrollment policy


Select your custom Web Server Template from the drop down and then click on the “Next” button .


Exchange Web server


Then click over the little arrow and then select on properties


Exchange Active Directory


The certificate must contain common name and then the name of the server. In case you plan to install another WAC server for high availability, then you must add it now to avoid future hazel. Also, select the common name well if your WAC server is going to be used for SharePoint and Lync/Skype for Business Server.


The kind of FQDN name for the WAC server in common name. In Alternative name, choose the DNS and  then add internal FQDN name for the WAC server, and external FQDN name of your WAC url.

Exchange Certificate Properties

Now select the general pane and enter a friendly name for the certificate.

Exchange Certificate

Choose the Private Key and then click down arrow under Key choices. Select “Make private key exportable” and then select on “OK”

Exchange Private key

Now choose “ Next” button

Exchange Information

Come on to the browse now

Exchange Browser

Choose a folder to save it, enter a name for the request file and then click  on “Save” button.

Exchange Save Button

Then click on “Finish” button

Exchange Finish Setup

Now, Open the Internet Explorer – navigate to surf your certificate server, and then click on request a certificate

Exchange Request Certificate

Now click on advanced certificate request

Exchange Advance Certificate

Now paste on the content of the request file you generated earlier and choose the web server certificate and submit.

Exchange Submit Certificate

Then click  on “Download Certificate” option

Exchange Download certificate

Now, Save the certificate

Exchange Save Certificate

Going on back in the MMC choose the All Tasks ->Import

Exchange MMC

Now, Select  on “Next” button


Exchange import Certificate


Browse to the certificate and then click on “next” button


Exchange Certificate import


Now, Select “Next” button


Exchange import Wizard


Now, Select on the “Finish” button


Exchange Completing Certificate


Now click  on button “OK”


Exchange 2016


Observe that you have imported the certificate


Exchange impoted Certificate


Now double click on the certificate and ensure you have the private key. Now Click on “OK” button.


Private Key Certificate

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