Installation of Exchange 2016-Learning to Configure WAC server

Now, we are ready to configure the first WAC server, that is done from PowerShell.


Open PowerShell as administrator and execute this command


New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalURL “https://wac.domain.local” -ExternalUrl “”-CertificateName “Office Web App”


Configure WAC Server


As our Office Web App is ready, now, add DNS host at your local zone IF internal URL is not the same as computer name. Also, add External DNS along with your provider to point to your firewall that then will redirect to your Office Web App server.


Learn to Configure Office Web Apps Server URL


To utilize OWAS to render attachments in OWA, first we require to mention the URL of the OWAS using the Set-OrganizationConfig cmdlet using Exchange Management Shell:


Set-MailboxServer EX -WacDiscoveryEndpoint “https://wac.domain.local/hosting/discovery”

here EX is name of your Exchange mailbox server. You must then see this in event log of your Exchange server.


Office Web App server




Learning to Enable Office Web Apps Server Rendering


By default, automatically the OWA Virtual Directory is already configured to empower and enable  the rendering of attachments via OWAS both on public and private computers.


Web App server rendering

In case you want to disable, for instance, OWAS from being used on public computers, you might do so using the following cmdlet (this assuming OWAS is accessible from outside your internal network):




Force Office Web Apps Server Rendering


Another present choice is to force users to render attachments using OWAS first before they might open them. This is performed by setting


ForceWacViewingFirstOnPublicComputers and/or

ForceWacViewingFirstOnPrivateComputers to True.




Office Web Apps Server Logs


To examine where the Office Web Apps Logs are located or stored, run the following cmdlet on your WAC server utilizing PowerShell prompt:


Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm | fl *log*


Office Web app server log


When everything has been configured, you “MUST” restart MsExchangeOwaAppPool by executing following command on your Exchange Server:

Restart-WebAppPool MsExchangeOwaAppPool


MS Exchange OWA App


There you might have it and off course, this only works with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files.


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