Installation of Exchange 2016-Learning How to create new mailbox database

You might skip this section if you wish to keep the default database, which may be found under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\. as the name is long and is going to be time consuming in the future (entering the long name),therefore, I prefer to create a new database and then delete default one.


I have made three partitions on my Exchange server, as I like to segregate Log and database disk and going to have a backup disk to clean up log files.


Name Drive Size and format
EXDB D: 10 GB, Allocation unit size 64K
EXLOG E: 5GB, Allocation unit size 64K
EXBACKUP F: 7GB, default allocation unit size



When formatting the drive in Disk management.


Exchange Format Partition


  1. Navigate to surf on ECP  Servers Database and then click on + sign to build the new database

    Exchange learning center


  3. Enter the required asked fields and click on save (Click ok in case their appears the warning about restarting Information store service)

    Exchange new database


  5. Now, Open services and to begin again restart the Information store service

    Exchange Service local



  7. Refresh pressing F5 and then wait til Content index status is Healthy (this may take few minutes)

    Exchange Server database


  9. Now, Open the Exchange management Shell and execute the following command:

    Get-mailboxdatabase |fl name


    Exchange Command


    Next, run the following prompt command to migrate all mailboxes from the old database to the new one:

    Get-mailbox -database “Mailbox Database 0223659350” | new-moverequest -targetdatabase “EXDB01”


    Exchange database Command


    Now, execute the following command to shift and move arbitration mailboxes:


    Get-mailbox -database “Mailbox Database 0223659350” -arbitration| new-moverequest – targetdatabase “EXDB01


    Exchange database

    Next, run the following prompt command to shift Auditlog mailbox (new in Exchange 2016)

    Get-Mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 0223659350” -AuditLog | New-MoveRequest – TargetDatabase “EXDB01

    It is going to take around 5 minutes or so to shift all mailboxes. Run and execute the


    to find out the current status


    Exchange get move request


    When whole status is finished run the following command to remove shift or move request:

    Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed | Remove-MoveRequest


    Exchange move status


    Now, Enter A for confirming all


  11. Back over the ECP – Servers – Database, mark on the old database and then select by performing click on delete

    Exchange admin center


    Now, Click ok on the warning screen


    Exchange Warning


  13. Navigate to going on path C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\ and then delete the old database

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