Installation of Exchange 2016-Exploring How To Configure DNS

Before we begin to configure Internal and External DNS, let me explain why do the Exchange does not require that many DNS registers (in comparison to Lync/Skype for business), therefore, shown below are the minimum requirements:



Internal  DNS External  DNS
Mail.domain.local (for use with OWA) (for use with OWA)
Autodiscover.domain.local (For Outlook and ActiveSync) Outlook and ActiveSync)
MX record (for mail delivery) MX record (for mail delivery)



While you configure Outlook, it is going first to look for autodiscover at If it is not found, it is going to look at Then finally it will look for SRV record


  1. Now, Open your DNS and then navigate on your local zone. Build or create a new A host Mail and point it over to the IP of your Exchange server 


    Configure DNS-Exchange 2016



  3. Now, create to begin a new A record for autodiscover and then point it over to the IP of your Exchange Server.


    Configure Exchange Server



  5. Now, the final record shown is the MX record. Click over the browse or enter in full FQDN of your Exchange server.


Exchange Server MX Server



You have got a .com zone in your DNS, again perform the same steps as mentioned above (mail, autodiscover and MX record).


For External DNS you will have to repeat same steps as above, but point it to your External IP on your firewall, which will again forward it to your Exchange server.

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