Installation of Exchange 2016-Configure Recipient Validation

In Exchange, 2013, enable Recipient Filter Agent via the command
Enable-TransportAgent “Recipient Filter Agent”.
In Exchange 2016, only these transport agents are available:

Exchange Configure recipient

Next consecutive step is to assure your accepted domains are using the AddressBook for examine for valid recipients. By default, automatically this must be enabled while you set up Exchange as an authoritative Mailbox Server for you domain.


  1. To verify if your server utilizing the AddressBook for validation executing the following command Get-AcceptedDomain Format-List

    It must provide you with a list of all complete accepted domains and in case the AddressBook is enable or not. In case by any chance Exchange is not Authoritative and the AddressBook is disabled then enable it with following command:


    Set-AcceptedDomain <name of accepted domain> -AddressBookEnabled $true


    Or, to activate or enable for all domains (caution, ensure you are not relaying any domains prior of running this)


    Get-AcceptedDomain | Set-AcceptedDomain -AddressBookEnabled $true


    Now you must have Recipient Filter on your Mailbox Server and AddressBook enabled on your domain. But, in case you test this now, it probably still will not work. As validation is still disabled.


  3. To verify and check the status of validation run the following

    Get- RecipientFilterConfig |FLEnabled,RecipientValidationEnabled


    It must return that Recipient Filter is enable, however


    validation is not Enabled: True


    RecipientValidationEnabled : False


  5. To enable validation execute the following

    Set-RecipientFilterConfig RecipientValidationEnabled $true


  7. Restart again  the Exchange Transport service 


In case you use TMG 2010 as your firewall, assure that your publishing rule does not have “request must not be shown as it comes from TMG” enabled.


Exchange TMG 2010

In case you have this enabled and TMG is permitted to relay mail on your server, then you might going to have a long night ahead!

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