Installation of Exchange 2016-Configure Certificate

  1. Click on Certificate and plus sign to create new certificate request

    Exchange new certificate request


  3. Click on option Next (Needs that you have Root CA  configured and installed in your domain)

    New Exchange certificate



  5. Name Certificate a by giving name (it can be any as per your choice)

    Name Certificate


  7. Leave with default option and then click on Next

    Exchange 2016


  9. Click to browse, select server you wish to store the certificate and then click on OK then  select Next

    Exchange Certificate


  11. In this given window it is going automatically to add names we have configured in Virtual Directories earlier. And then Click on the next option.

    Virtual Directories


  13. In case you have multiple domains, you are going to add and autodiscover.domain.local for each of your domains (last part is not required in case you have configured Virtual directories to use *.com). does not require to be added if you use same url for OWA. Now, Click  on Next

    Exchange Multiple Domains


  15. Input the required fields and click on Next

    New Exchange certificate 2016


  17. Give input of path to a share to store the certificate. I simply created a folder named Share in C:\ on my Exchange server. Now, shared the folder with path \\EX1\Share. Now Click on Finish.

    Exchange Configure certificate


  19. Navigate to surf on the folder where the certificate was stored, right click on the file and open it in Notepad. Then press CTRL+A and CTRL+C to select all and replicate the content

    Exchange navigation


  21. Open IE and then enter url for requesting certificate. In my case I have setup and installed CA on my DC, hence url is http://DC/certsrv ( in case it is not present on local intranet zone, ensure to add it before entering url or request is going to fail). Select, clicking on request a certificate

    Exchange Requesting Certificate


  23. Click to select “advanced certificate request”

    advanced certificate request


  25. Click on submitting a certificate request by using a .

    Exchange Certificate request


  27. Now, Paste in the content we copied previously, select web server and then click on submit button

    Exchange saved request


  29. Click on download certificate button and then save it on the same share we stored the certificate request previously.

    Exchange Certificate issued


  31. Navigate to surf back on to ECP   Servers Certificate. Now Mark the pending request and click on option complete.

    Exchange ECP Server


  33. Mention the path to the filename and click on OK (In my case it is \\ex1\share\Ex2016.cer)

    Exchange Complete Pending Request


    Certificate is now going to have a authorized valid state


    Exchange 2016 Cerificate


  35. To select, click twice on the new Certificate services and go for SMTP and IIS then click on save. Click on button Yes for confirmation.

    Exchange SMTP and IIS


  37. Open run (Windows +R) and type inetmgr then click ok to open IIS management

    Exchange Setup



  39. For expanding your server sites.

    Exchange Connection


  41. Conduct right click  on  Default Web Site   then,  Edit Bindings

    Exchange Default Website



  43. To select click on https and then click on button edit, confirm that the correct certificate is selected.

    Exchange Edit Site bidding


  45. Right click on Exchange Backend and then select edit bindings.

    Exchange Backend



    Mark on https and then click on Edit. Here the default certificate must be ok, however if you experience any certificate issue, then it might be change to the same as default website (Exchange 2016 certificate. When all is confirmed close the IIS manager.


    Exchange Site bidding

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