Exchange admin center in Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016 offers a single unified management console which allows for ease of use and is fully optimized for management of on-premises, online, or hybrid implementation or deployments. The Exchange admin center (EAC) in Exchange 2016 replaces and reinstate the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) that were used in Exchange 2010 (however the name of the EAC virtual directory is still “ECP”). Few EAC functions include:


  • List view The list view in EAC has been designed to eradicate key limitations that existed in ECP. ECP was restricted and limited to displaying up to 500 objects and, in case you wanted to view objects which weren’t listed in the details pane, you require searching and filtering to search those specific objects.

    In Exchange 2016, the viewable restriction from within the EAC list view is approximately 20,000 objects. After the EAC gives the results, the EAC client conducts the searching and sorting, this greatly increases the performance compared to the ECP in Exchange 2010. In addition, paging has been appended so that you can page to the conclusions. You can also setup, configure page size and export it to as a .csv file.

  • Add/Deleting columns to the Recipient list view You can select which columns to view, and with local cookies, you can store and save your custom list views per machine which you use to access the EAC.
  • Secure the ECP virtual directory You can manage and control access to the EAC from inside and outside your corporate network without affecting user access to their Outlook over the web options.
  • Tool consolidation The functional features of these management tools has been coupled and integrated into the EAC:

i) The Public Folder administration display or console.


ii) The Role Based Access Control (RBAC) User Editor present in the Exchange Toolbox.


iii) The Call Statistics details and User Call Logs tools for Unified Messaging.


  • Notifications details  In Exchange 2016, the EAC now has a Notification viewer such that you can access notifications and alerts for:

i) Exchange certificates which are installed on any Exchange 2016 server in your enterprise that are expired or within 30 days of expiring.


ii) Mailbox shifts and migrations (Mailbox Replication Service or MRS tasks). Notifications details are displayed while migrations are started, in process, and finished.


You can also setup and configure email addresses to receive such notifications in the EAC, or every event by using the Set-Notification cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell.


  • Groups improvements   By default, automatically up to 500 recipients are returned when you tend to open the Select Members window, but, you can select to list up to 10,000 recipients by selecting Get All Results beneath the recipient list. We now help and support browsing more than 500 recipients via use of the scroll bar, and we’ve also appended enhanced search functional features such that you can filter recipients in the recipient list. You are allowed to filter it by:

i) City


ii) Country/region


iii) Office


iv) Company


v) Department


vi) Title


  • Delivery output reports Administrators may use the EAC to track and monitor delivery information for email messages sent to or received by any user in the enterprise. You just choose a mailbox, and then search for messages sent to or received by a variant user.

    You can filter the search option by words in context to the subject line. The results track and monitor a message via the delivery process, and indicate whether the message was successfully dispatched, delivered, is pending delivery, or wasn’t delivered.

  • Certificate management Administrators might use the EAC to manage and control Exchange certificates on several multiple servers from a central location, that helps to reduce the amount of interaction that’s required to manage Exchange certificates

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