Duly In-place Archiving, retention, and eDiscovery in Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016 comprises of the following enhancements to In-Place Archiving, retention, and eDiscovery to help and support organization addressing its compliance requirements:

  • Public folder support for In-Place eDiscovery and In-Place Hold :

Exchange 2016 combines public folders in the In-Place eDiscovery and Hold workflow. User can use In-Place eDiscovery to find public folders in his/her organization, and user can also put an In-Place Hold on public folders. Similar to placing a mailbox on hold, user can set a query-based and a time-based hold on public folders. Presently, user is allowed to only search and place a hold on all public folders. In later release editions, user might be able to select specific public folders to find and place on hold.

  • Compliance Search :

Compliance Search is a newly added eDiscovery search tool in Exchange 2016 consisting of new and enhanced scaling and performance abilities. User is allowed to use it to search huge number of mailboxes in a single attempt of search. Actually, there’s no set limit on the number of mailboxes which can be included in a single attempt of search, such that user can search all mailboxes present in his/her organization at once. There’s also no limit set on the number of searches which can execute or run at the same time. For In-Place eDiscovery in Exchange 2016, the limits feature are the similar to, as it used to be in Exchange 2013 where user is allowed to search up to 10,000 mailboxes in a single search attempt and organization can execute a maximum of two In-Place eDiscovery searches attempts at the same time.
The feature of compliance Search is ONLY available via using the Exchange Management Shell, In Exchange 2016.
Kindly note :
To have access to the Compliance Search cmdlets, an administrator or eDiscovery manager should be assigned the Mailbox Search management functional role or be a member of the Discovery Management functional role group.

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