Steps for Lacerte Tax Year 2016 Login Requirements for Identity Authentication


•    In this tutorial, we will learn about various steps that are important for login requirements basically for identity authentication.
•    Step by step procedure  are:-


Intial Set Up Walk Through:-

•    All users of the Lacerte program must have their own individual login details.  Each firm will need to designate one person in their firm to by the Primary Administrator.  This person will be responsible for managing other users or act as manager for other users. Basic responsibility of  Primary Firm Administator is to  provide admin access to other users in particular  firm.
•    If you are the Primary Administrator or sole propreitor, then that’s the right time to follow that below steps :
1.    Login to My Account (My Lacerte) with your unique username and secure password, click here.

When signing into your Intuit My Account (My Lacerte), you may be prompted to verify your identity via MFA (multi-factor authentication). MFA will also prompt when accessing your account from an unrecognized device. For steps to verify your identity, click here.

o    Go to My Lacerte.
o    Select Admin.
o    Select Connected Services.

2.    If you do not have a My Lacerte account, first create an account by following the steps below (otherwise continue to Step 3):
o    Click on Create an Account.
o    Follow the on screen prompts to complete the account creation.

3.    The manage Lacerte users access page is displayed.
4.    Click on  the Get Started button.

By starting this process you acknowledge that you are the authorized administrator for your firm.

5. After claiming  or getting the Administrator role, you will be directed to invite and manage users.

If you are a sole proprietor, your set up is complete.



Inviting Additional Users:-

You must either be the Primary Firm Administrator or have proper  Admin Rights to invite other users.  If you are the only person in your firm, you do not need to invite additional users or manage them.

1.    On the Lacerte -User Management screen, click on the Invite Users button. (Firm Administrators click here to access this page.)

These steps are not necessary if you are a sole proprietor or firm administrator.  If this changes, the option to invite users can be accessed at any time.


2. On the Invite User screen enter the following information to complete the invitation:
•    First Name
•    Last Name
•    E-Mail
•    Role, select Employee or Admin.
o    The Admin role enables  or allow you to manage user access.
o    The Employee role provides  you to access Lacerte program only.
•    Message, enter your own personal message or utilize  the default message that is already generated.


3.Click on  Send Invitation
4.Verify the invitation was sent when Lacerte – User Management page is displayed. The invited users will show in the Pending Invitations table.



Invitation Recieved to Access Lacerte:-

1. For acceptance of  invitation, the employee (user) clicks on the button in the email to accept the invitation, I accept – Let’s complete the process.


2.    If the employee (user) has not already set up a My Lacerte account, enter all applicable information in the Create your account screen.  If the employee (user) already has an account, select  an option Already have an account? Sign in.

Also Note:
When signing into your  Account (My Lacerte), you may be prompted to verify your identity via MFA (multi-factor authentication). For steps to verify your identity, click here.

3.    Upon completion of these steps, the employee (user) should test access.

When verifying access after receiving an invitation, the following message will appear:



Requesting Program Access:-

When attempting to log into Connected Services the following message will prompt you to send a request for access; You currently do not have access to use the Lacerte 2016 program.


1.    Firstly Enter your First Name and Last Name
2.    Click Request Access.
•    Once completed, the system will send a email request to your Firm Administrator requesting access to Connected Services.

Need Additional Assistance:-

•    We have set up a dedicated and well knowledgeable  team to assist you. Please contact us at 1-800-656-8553.


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