How to Request a Credit/Void to Your REP Bill in Lacerte


Solution Description

When preparing returns, you may find the file that has been previously paid, but If you require  REP due to a change in the EIN, Social Security Number, Last name or any other identifying areas. If you need a credit or void, submit your request via the  steps given below:

1.    Firstly, Sign In to My Account through intuit’s official website.
2.    Hover the mouse over My Lacerte option.
3.    Under Statements & Reports option, click on Statements.
4.    Click on Lacerte REP Request.
5.    Click on Enter a Request option.

6.    Complete the following Customer Information:

o    Lacerte ID
o    Business Name
o    First and Last name
o    Email address, confirm email address
o    Phone Number

7.    Select Type of Request:

o    Credit for REP Charges
o    Refund to Bank or Credit Card
o    Payment Not Applied – Check
o    Payment Not Applied – Credit Card

8.    Complete the required information that you requested, include any additional information to assist in processing your request.
9.    Click on Save button present  at upper right hand corner.

o    You will receive an automated email upon submission of your request.
o    Additionally, you will receive an automated email when your request has been processed automatically.

Credit or void requests are subject to approval. Once approved, turnaround times noted below:
•    Credit on REP account  –  within 24-48 hrs
•    Refund to Bank or Credit Card – within 5-10 business days
•    Paper check – within 2-3 weeks

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