How to Avoid Duplicate REP Charges in Lacerte Tax

Problem Description

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to avoid duplicate REP charges in Lacerte .
“Was I charged twice for the same return?” that’s the main question or problem which arise everytime. In aspect to solve the above problem, we provides proper solution with detailed information.

Solution Description having detailed information is given below:-

Solution Description

To avoid duplicate REP (Remote Entry Processing) charges, make sure the following information is correct before acquiring or obtaining REP access:

• Social Security # (SSN)
• Employer Identification Number (EIN)
• Firm #
• Client #

  • The REP “access code” is automatically attached with the client data file during your transmission to the Lacerte Host Center. When processing and issuing an proper access code, the REP Billing System records contains the taxpayer name, SSN/EIN, state return field and unique client file name.
  • The access code remains with the return unless one of these four fields is getting changed.
  • If there is no change in the data listed above or in prior data or in minor changes present in the client name, and you send the same client for REP access again, our billing system will automatically identify the duplicate transmission and cut off a second charge.
  • If one of the above items are changed the program then will definitely look to see if it is a duplicate charge or not.
  • As an example if the client number is the only thing that has changed the program then we will see that if all other info was the same then, it will not charge again.
  • If you have changed more than one data item, then you may have incurred another charge. Please contact us via chat to resolve this matter.
  • Under certain circumstances, the REP system may ask you to obtain or provides you REP access again. This is just to re-establish the link that was previously created between your record and our servers.
  • No second charge is assessed again. The system recognizes the previous access and will suppress a duplicate charge.
  • We recommend using all 9’s for the SS#’s or all 9’s for EIN’s to avoid a REP charge. You will still need to obtain REP access for the return to unlock the particular file.
  • DEMO will print on the return.
  • If a new unlimited product was recently purchased make sure the prep file on all systems has been updated to reflect the unlimited purchase.

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