Overview Of Drake Tax Hosting

In this era of cloud computing, Drake Hosting plays a very important and vital role as it provides an intelligent and complete tax solution for tax preparers and to all the clients.


  • This type of software hosting provides many facilities and opportunities which are guided by cloud computing service providers that ranges from all time accessibility to data security and from technical support to the best management of the tax preparation methodology.
  • Techarex networks provides all versions of Drake Tax Software on windows terminal server to meet with all clients needs like all kind of tax preparation activities and also takes care of client’s data security and security from any fraud or theft.
  • If clients are using Drake Tax cloud solution as an accounting professional/CPA, clients or tax payers will be awarded with various advantages like reliability, flexibility, mobility, increased operational proficiency and also reduced IT cost.
  • Cloud hosting helps the professionals/CPA and tax preparers in accessibility of the data from anyplace and by sitting anywhere in the world and thus provides them with a chance to outsource their work to a part time work force.
  • All time accessibility and multi-user functionality is workable on terminal server, the professional/CPA can overlook the usual anxieties, sending, altering and resending financial data to their various clients.
  • Hosted Drake Tax will permit the tax professional to address a client’s concerns from wherever they are or from anywhere and everywhere.
  • No longer must a client be told that they will be contacted when the financial professional has returned to their home or office.
  • Instead, said professional can now access this data and pull up the information requested at the drop of a hat.

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