Advantages of Drake Tax Software

In this tutorial, we will learn about various advantages of Drake Tax Software. So, various advantages and their detailed information is given below:-

Anywhere and anytime access:

Drake Tax Software allows all users and the authenticated users to access the files from any internet connection brand at anytime from anywhere or everywhere. Hosted Drake Tax Software enables users to access their tax consulted program from any part of the globe by using internet. Users can utilize or use any type of device such as PC, laptops and even smart phones to access infrastructure or services. This software helps users to work more as users have proper authorization to work from their office or home or even while traveling anywhere in whole globe.

Total online office and multiple user access system:

Users can use their hosted Drake software platform which includes all their other applications and tools so that all their resources are together at one place. Like, users may wants their accounting information while tax preparation and hosted infrastructure better fulfill this need. Users can have their work processing tool, document readers and all other required tools to their hosted setup. It provides the feature of multi-user functionality and real time collaboration which significantly increases users ROI for tax return methodology.

Individual focus:

Drake Tax Software hosting users can totally focus on their other business functional areas and can leave the IT areas like software installations, upgradation, troubleshooting etc to the IT experts on the hosting vendor side.

Office Integration:

Hosted Drake software is totally integrated with Microsoft Office applications. Users can easily export or import and also use their data into Tax returns and submit directly from virtual server terminal.


Data security and data backups are guaranteed by the Drake Tax Software hosting service provider which eliminates nearly all IT worries and protects their data from frauds or any thefts.

Reliable data backups:

Drake cloud stores data in their SASII Tier IV certified Data Center. To provide reliable data backup they store data at multiple places which guarantees users business continuity and protect data from frauds or any thefts.


Only authenticated or authorized users can access data as it is protected by enhanced passwords or unique usernames. Clients get the power to define the level of access for an individual user.

Reduced burdens:

If users host their Drake Tax Software, SageNext takes the responsibility of complete data security and data backup, technical support and other security needs. So, users do not need to get busy with these parameters and get more time to focus on their core jobs. It even helps to reduce users operations budgets and also reduced IT costs.

Increases efficiency:

Drake host provided by SageNext helps users in improving and enhancing the efficiency and effectivity of their business. The hosted software is faster in data accessibility, enhances functionality and eventually enhances the return on investment.

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