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Importance of Drake Tax Software Hosting

Software is installed for clients or tax payers, so clients are ready to get to work in a right way. Backups are automatically done, there is no more worrying about whether backup actually happened or not, or whether it will be accessible later. Client’s personnel data is always secure with enterprise firewall and antivirus protection, … Read More

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Advantages of Drake Tax Software

  In this tutorial, we will learn about various advantages of Drake Tax Software. So, various advantages and their detailed information is given below:- Anywhere and anytime access: Drake Tax Software allows all users and the authenticated users to access the files from any internet connection brand at anytime from anywhere or everywhere. Hosted Drake … Read More


Overview Of Drake Tax Hosting

In this era of cloud computing, Drake Hosting plays a very important and vital role as it provides an intelligent and complete tax solution for tax preparers and to all the clients. Functions:- This type of software hosting provides many facilities and opportunities which are guided by cloud computing service providers that ranges from all … Read More

Secure File Pro in Drake Software

Secure File Pro in Drake Tax Software

  Send and receive client documents on your own secure site, anytime, anywhere. SecureFilePro™ is a secure client file exchange web portal, letting you and your clients to  exchange their confidential documents securely and conveniently. You can spend less time in printing, faxing, emailing or mailing returns and other documents. Just upload PDFs, and let … Read More