Increase Profitability of your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers continually look for innovative ways to effectively grow their business besides increasing profitability. Sage Manufacturing provides exceptional supply chain, financial and manufacturing operations management. It helps you focus on growing your existing manufacturing business. The solution is not just perfect for automating data-intensive routine operations but also to streamline and standardize your business processes

Sage Manufacturing Benefits

Automate for Efficiency & Profitability

By streamlining & standardizing your manufacturing business processes, you can shrink costs, enhance cash flow, and easily connect various departments with real-time data access. You can also thus prevent errors and optimize operations. It's powerful information systems effectively automate routine operations that are data-intensive, thereby allowing you to focus on the more critical decisions & strategic initiatives.


All Data on the Same Page

No doubt, managing supply chain remains a constant challenge for global manufacturers. Most of the key factors like costs, demand forecasting, inventory excess, production downtime etc., have to be given a good consideration. Sage Manufacturing comes with business intelligence capabilities that enable you to be not just proactive but also able to access supply chain data while being anywhere, anytime. Hence, the management derives all crucial information on financials, inventory, and processes irrespective of where they are.

Centralized Information

Global manufacturers lacking complete, accurate, and updated data have to face significant challenges while making critical decisions. When you collect the right information, it helps you to better manage all inventory levels, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and work more efficiently. Centralized information helps you to reduce complexity and attain better transparency. Also, integrating new technology with your legacy systems allows you to have a single, more accurate view of your business.


Easily Manage Growth

With Sage Manufacturing, you can analyze & connect business insights rapidly to drive better decision making and that includes the strategy to create suitable economies of scale. Leverage entire detailed information on customers like past transactions in order to optimize the most promising new sales opportunities. Also, you can run production as well as order materials by using correct forecasts & decisions. You further get to focus on new ways to successfully innovate and stay competitive in the industry.

Benefits of Sage Manufacturing Hosting with Techarex Networks

Full Security

Our fully encrypted servers maintain your business data such as customer details, reports, profits & loss details absolutely safe from malicious threats.

Seamless Collaboration

Invoice your customers, create sales orders, track backorders and do a lot more while being on the go. Collaboration with team members gets simplified too.

Constant Data Backups

We not only ensure security of your crucial data such as financial reports, customers details, inventory, sales orders but also ensure backing it up to avoid data loss.

Swift Response

Our engineers are available to fix all your software issues round-the-clock. So, you can simply focus on invoicing customers, tracking profit & loss and growing your business.

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