What Benefits Techarex Networks Brings with Sage 500 Hosting?

Sage 500 ERP(Formerly Sage Mas 500) hosting with Techarex Networks renders your Sage software solution constantly accessible via web. With your Sage software hosted in our Cloud, you get the absolute liberty to run your business seamlessly from anywhere, anytime. You simply need a login ID and password in order to access your mission-critical data. Moreover, no need to worry about upgrading the operating systems/devices. Simply focus on your business and leave hosting to us. Sage 500 hosting with Techarex Networks provides following benefits -

Gain Absolute Control

You get control over the full functionality of robust Sage 500 solution using any device including PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet.

Minimize Costs

With real-time editing and universal access, you experience maximized productivity shrinking costs. Moreover, you can forget costs related to purchase & installation of hardware/software.

Hassle-free Integration

We make integration simpler for you. You can easily integrate your Sage 500 software with various other software suites as per your requirement.

Unrestricted Access

Irrespective of where you are located, you can collaborate with your team and access crucial files and data as required using any device.

Data Security Guaranteed

Deployment of authentication security protocols and advanced security measures ensure top-notch data protection to all of your critical, valuable business data.

Improved Experience

Definitely, you will have the best user experience by hosting your Sage 500 in our Cloud servers – that's something your in-house servers can't assure.

Absolute Technical Assistance

We have highly experienced certified engineers in our team who ensure that all small-to-large issues related to your Sage 500 software are taken care of correctly.

Minimal downtime

Our optimally running servers operate at peak efficiency throughout the year. thus assuring 99.995% uptime and constant availability of your Sage 500 software.


Sage 500 ERP(Formerly Sage Mas 500) being a feature-packed enterprise management solution allows progressive global businesses streamline operations, thus taking your business to the next level. Sage 500 is highly flexible, customizable, and amply scalable to grow with your business. It, enables you operate your business in the desired manner while assuring a low ownership cost and favorably high return on investment. A Quick look at the benefits Sage 500 brings along are as follows -

  • Deep functionality with superior usability
  • Advanced reporting and
  • Easy tracking of key performance indicators
  • Tightly integrated, GAAP compliant, accounting modules
  • Easily customizable as per requirement
  • Extremely user-friendly interface


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