An Ideal Solution for Construction Accounting and Project Management

Sage 100 Contractor software is a powerful & flexible solution that offers contractors with easy access to highly critical, comprehensive business & project information. It comes loaded with business-friendly features that allow you to manage operations more effectively and make better decisions. You can create competitive estimates, monitor productivity issues besides tracking job costs against pre-defined budgets in real time.

Sage 100 Contractor Features

Business Visibility

Using Sage 100 Contractor helps you easily stay atop all crucial details. You can set custom alerts to get notified whenever crucial conditions/events such as expiring of vendor certificates, any unbilled change orders etc., occur. It's customizable user dashboard along with the industry-specific reports provide you all the information you require.

With Intelligence Reporting, you get better visibility into all of your financials and crucial project information. Modify these templates to design reports as required or simply create your own reports.


Project Work Center

No doubt, construction projects are highly complex. Project Work Center allows you to track project details all in one place. Project Work Center allows you to monitor all outstanding tasks such as invoices, billings and transmittals. It also allows you track crucial project details such as contracts, budgets, costs etc. You can even view all crucial job contact information on one screen.

Service Management

Managing service operations may be complex at times. It's a must for you to stay atop rapidly changing activities like scheduling, billing, and inventory.

Integration of the Service Receivables module with accounting & operations applications helps you avoid the additional work and errors that occur when maintaining various systems for accounting, estimating, service management, purchasing, & inventory. You can keep your inventory up to date and reduce time-consuming & tedious data entry.


Document Management

Sage 100 Contractor offers you with much greater control of all of your crucial, thereby reducing the involved risk. You can organize, store, as well as route all of the drawings, RFIs, invoices etc., to keep your business operating seamlessly.

Sage 100 Contractor also effectively brings together accounting, job costing, payroll vendor & subcontractor management. This ensure that your business processes run perfectly smooth and with high efficiency.

Benefits of Sage 100 Contractor Hosting with Techarex Networks

Comprehensive Support

Bill your clients, create reports quickly and do a lot more while staying fully relieved of complex issues related to Sage 100 Contractor. We can fix all such issues rapidly & effectively.

Seamless Collaboration

With anytime, anywhere access to Sage 100 Contractor, you can monitor productivity issues, track job costs and do more while being on the go.

No Data Loss

All your crucial data such as drawings, RFIs, invoices, contracts and more is backed up regularly. So, you can forget deploying additional backup solutions

Security Uncompromised

We have the best-in-breed security measures in place to ensure absolute security of your mission-critical data including billing data, reports, customer details etc.

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