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Our Platform Features

Optimized Supply Chain Operations

By utilizing Techarex Networks infrastructure as a service, you can capture real-time insights on your customer and website visitors. simplify and better manage your inventory, track deliverables and gather market data with ease for smoother operations.

Enhanced and Simplified Inventory Management

Easily track real time inventory status from anywhere, any device; generate real-time reports on your business-critical matrices to take intelligent decisions. Enhanced management is also a result of integration of customer orders, invoices, transaction data, shipping details and stock management.

Improved Customer Experience

Predictive technology and personalized suggestions backed with technology automation ensures right message is delivered to your customer at right time, which also ensures a much-improved customer experience across customer life cycle.

Techarex Networks Cloud Based Solutions for Retail Industry

Hosted Accounting Solutions for Retail Industry

Easily manage your accounting effectively and economically on your favorite account solution like QuickBooks, Sage, Drake, Lacerte, Proseries etc. and leverage their full potential for your business.
Accounting solutions hosted with Techarex Networks are at least 50% cheaper that the traditional options.

Hosted CRM Solutions for Retail

Managing your customer data over the entire customer life cycle is not an easy task, also your business suffers in case your customer doesn’t receive on-time personalized communication.
Techarex Networks helps host and also provides CRM customization services to manage your customer data efficiently. You can host Zoho, Suger, Act or any of your favorite CRMs on Techarex Networks cloud.

Collaboration Tools

Your employees need to collaborate with each other for improved productivity. Techarex Networks provides you collaboration tools for easy interaction between your employees.

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