Techarex Networks Bring to you the Power of QuickBooks Pro Hosted in its Secured Cloud Environment.


Simplified Accessibility

Easily access all your crucial accounting data while being at any location and with help of the device of your choice.

Scalable Infrastructure

Get an additional edge of stability with the scalable infrastructure offered by Techarex Networks Cloud.

Lesser IT Hassle

Focus on your accounting work better with our technical experts taking care of all IT hassles like upgrades, backups etc.

Multi-user Access

Different users can access the same data files simultaneously irrespective of any device, location or time constraint.

Why QuickBooks Pro is Best for your Business

  • View all financial records on single screen
  • Multiple financial reports
  • A single click activates all features
  • Hassle-free access to transactions
  • Get paid easily & faster
  • Safeguard valuable data
  • Simple set up
  • Ease of use

Why Choose Techarex Networks for QuickBooks Pro Hosting?

Techarex Networks has expertise in cloud based QuickBooks pro hosting solutions. We provide world class QuickBooks Cloud hosting services to industries at the most cost-effective rates. Our commitment is to protect your crucial data from unauthorized access. You can focus on expanding your business globally. QuickBooks Desktop Pro hosting benefits includes:

  • Convenient and flexible QuickBooks add-on Integration as per the business requirements.
  • Free 24X7 customer support
  • Guaranteed 99.995% server uptime
  • Access your QuickBooks Desktop Pro application any-where, any-time.
  • Free updates for QuickBooks pro software.
  • Extremely high performance with faster speed and accessibility.
  • Resolute multi-user access management
  • No set up and customization charges.
  • Compatibility with all devices like laptops, PCs, smart phones etc.
  • High security of data along with disaster recovery and data backup solutions.

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Free Support on Hosted Applications

  • File Explorer
  • Excel Viewer
  • Enterprise Security
  • Microsoft Excel
  • 90 Days of Backups
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft word
  • Word Viewer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Expert Support Available 24x7x365 for QuickBooks and All Applications.
Our lightening-fast response time for:

  • Phone Support <60 Sec.
  • E-mail Support <10 min.
  • Chat Support <60 Sec.


QuickBooks can be integrated with hundreds of other applications to fulfill your complete accounting requirements.Techarex Networks support most of these add-ons which can be integrated with Quickbooks. Some of them are listed below:

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QuickBooks add-on

20 GB File Transfers

You can transfer a maximum of 20 GB at a time. Whether you want to upload several small files or simply one of a massive size, file uploading is easy & quick always.

QuickBooks add-on

Complete Transfer Overview

Track every small to large file upload you do. Managing file transfers is extremely simple and you can get a complete snapshot of whatever transfer has been done without navigating through multiple screens.

QuickBooks add-on

Password-protected Transfers

Security is a prime concern when transferring files. Users can secure all the sensitive or confidential files transfers they make by assigning suitable passwords. Peace of mind is thus assured always.


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There are several QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting providers in the market, and most of them provide only self-managed support, where the users have to take care of most of the technical processes related to setup, installation, securing backups, etc. The advantage of choosing Techarex Networks is that we offer complete and instant support for the products without any additional fees. This states that Techarex Networks will install and setup your QuickBooks while availing you with automated backup and robust security settings.

If you need to access your data from a remote location, you can easily deploy QuickBooks Pro hosting services remotely which appear to be the most practical as well as ideal choice for your business. These services allow the users to access easily and give them access to the same array of features.

Yes, you can save a backup copy of your QB data files on your desktop without any hassle. But, saving local copy of data will cause instability as the files operated else they are located on a central remote server.

All that we require from you is the valid QuickBooks license information in order to verify your ownership of the application and the details regarding the number of users you want to put on the server.

If you are just going to start a business, then the chances are that you don't have a copy of QuickBooks yet. You need to purchase a QuickBooks Pro license to avail the services.

It happens automatically every single day. In addition to that, it is absolutely free. Besides the regular automated backups, we also maintain 30-days of rolling data back-up, for any type of unforeseen moments.

We maintain multiple data centers. Even if one of our data centers is taken offline for maintenance, then your data will be saved on the other centers. In fact, we guarantee 99.5% server uptime, thus, you are always connected.

In QuickBooks Pro hosting, the QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud environment that is established on our secure terminal servers. No need to worry about any installation or maintenance. The users can save the upfront costs of the equipment with the costs that incurred in setting up a technical team for managing those equipment.

You need to provide a QuickBooks Pro 2016 or QuickBooks Pro 2017 or older version license to avail the services. If you are just going to start a business, then the chances are that you don't have a copy of QuickBooks Premier yet, in that case you need to purchase that license.