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We understand your hosting needs better than anyone else and accordingly offer customizable, affordable, secure and scalable QuickBooks Hosting solutions.

Our QuickBooks Hosting solutions are trusted by CPAs, accountants and businesses from across the world.

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Lightning Fast QuickBooks

We provide QuickBooks Hosting on our lightning fast servers.Host QuickBooks on our cloud infrastructure and get connected to it in seconds. Our lightning fast servers enable you to perform your QuickBooks operations without any lag.

Access QuickBooks Anytime, Anywhere

With QuickBooks cloud hosting, manage your accounting on the go.Access your data anytime and anywhere. Work with your colleagues from the comfort of your home or office anytime and amplify your productivity.


Our state-of-the-art data centers ensure that your critical data –is always in safe hands.Yours QuickBooks and other data is always secure on our cloud servers. With the highest security standards and compliance, including a 128-bit encryption, secure connection and fully clustered multi-tiered architecture, you no longer need to worry about the security of highly confidential data of your business.Our TIER IV+, SOC and SSAE-16 compliant state-of-the-art-datacenters and PCI-DSS compliant data security ensures complete peace of mind.
Reduced IT Costs

Reduced IT Costs

Reduce upfront IT costs by moving to QuickBooks hosting.Moving to our QuickBooks cloud hosting ensures you don't need to invest in on-premises infrastructure and monitoring IT resources.We take care of all of this for you. Save now by moving to our QuickBooks hosting.

Automated Data Back-up and Transfer

Back-up and transfer all critical data in a go.Yours QuickBooks and hosted QuickBooks data including QuickBooks company files, QuickBooks files, back-up files etc. are backed up automatically every 24 hours in multiple server locations to ensure your QuickBooks data is always safe.We also provide easy QuickBooks data transfer with the help of our experienced team for added simplicity.

Flexibility To Scale

Get the freedom to scale up without any hassle.With our QuickBooks hosting, you have the flexibility to scale up or down your –resources as per your business requirements. Add users or delete them as per your business needs.

Reliable Support

During any adversity or for any query, we are available 24/7.Our QuickBooks support team has years of experience working with CPAs, accountants and their clients. We provide unparalleled QuickBooks support and always keep you and your business as the highest priority.We are available round the clock on phone, chat and e-mail.

Free Migration and Set-up

Migration and set-up of QuickBooks is simple like never before.Moving your QuickBooks and QuickBooks data from a personal computer or your office infrastructure is a tough ask and requires utmost precision as there is critical data involved.Our team ensures surgical precision is maintained by providing you with easy migration and set-up even if you are moving from any other QuickBooks hosting provider to us.



Pay As You Use

We offer QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services at a monthly, flexi-pay model.With us, get value for your spend for powerful QuickBooks hosting at economical prices.

No Restriction

No Restriction on Resource Utilization

While operating QuickBooks, we don’t let you face any resource crunch. We don’t put any restriction on resource utilization, such as RAM or any other related software.


No Restriction on Bandwidth

There are several hosting service providers who don’t allow extra bandwidth utilization or they charge more for extra bandwidth usage. But, unlike these hosting service providers, we don’t put any restriction on bandwidth usage.

Depth Knowledge

In Depth Knowledge Base for Most Challenging Issues

Our industry experts have created a robust knowledge base for most challenging QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support issues. By utilizing knowledge base developed by Techarex Networks, you yourself can resolve QuickBooks issues.

Data Backup

Daily Data Backup

Hosted QuickBooks data files, including critical data of your business are backed up every 24 hours.

Proactive Mechanism

Proactive Mechanism for Handling Technical Issues

We have an advanced mechanism in place to ensure that QuickBooks Hosting errors and other related issues are addressed proactively before they even occur.

Years of Expertise

Years of Expertise

Our experience in the domain of QuickBooks Hosting has made us the name to trust in. We have expertise in providing all round QuickBooks hosting solutions and all the related IT support.

Integrated Support

Integrated Support

We offer integrated support through live chat, email, phone and social media.

Free of Cost Support

Free of Cost Support

To ease your business during adversities in the form of malfunction in QuickBooks operation, we offer free of cost technical support .

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Our technical experts are available 24/7, even on weekends and major holidays to provide all types of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support services, which includes issues related to installation, printing errors, data migration, and more.

Migration and Setup

Free Migration and Setup

Migration to another advanced QuickBooks version was never as easy. With us get free migration and setup support for all the versions of QuickBooks.

Special Offers

Special Offers

To make you feel special, we always have special offers, specially customized for you. Ultimately, our aim is to give you a sense of ultimate satisfaction.


We provide customized solutions for your QuickBooks hosting to cover your overall Accounting Application hosting needs.

We host almost all versions and editions, including US and Canadian editions of QuickBooks with full functionalities.

The entire range of QuickBooks editions: QuickBooks 2013 Pro to QuickBooks 2017 Enterprise are fully compatible with our highly secured QuickBooks cloud server setup.

We also provide free upgrades of QuickBooks from older versions to newer versions Techarex Networks is the leading QuickBooks hosting provider for Small and Medium sized Businesses, CPA and Accounting Firms.

quickbooks hosting solutions


  • Silver

    $40/User per Month
    • QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
    • Buy, Lease, or BYOL QuickBooks Desktop license
    • SOC 2, SSAE Compliant
    • Daily Automated Back-up
    • Round the clock chat, email and phone support
    • Cloud Print
    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Gold

    $50/User per Month
    • QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
    • Buy, Lease, or BYOL QuickBooks Desktop license
    • SOC 2, SSAE Compliant
    • Daily Automated Back-up
    • Round the clock chat, email and phone support
    • Microsoft Office Standard
    • Cloud Print
    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Platinum

    $70/User per Month
    • QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
    • Buy, Lease, or BYOL QuickBooks Desktop license
    • SOC 2, SSAE Compliant
    • Daily Automated Back-up
    • Round the clock chat, email and phone support
    • Microsoft Office Pro Plus
    • Acctivate++ Expensify++
    • Advanced Inventory, Advanced Reporting
    • Cloud Print
    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

* Above Pricing is BYOL Pricing

Free Support for QuickBooks and Hosted Applications

Our Lightning-fast response time for:

  • Phone Support <60 Sec.
  • E-mail Support <10 min.
  • Chat Support <60 Sec.

Transfer Your QuickBooks Files Securely

QuickBooks add-on

20 GB File Transfers

Transferring files or data is now easier than ever before. Now, you can transfer a maximum 20 GB of data at a time. Whether you want to upload or transfer several small files or simply one of a massive size, it is now on your fingertips.

QuickBooks add-on

Complete Transfer Overview

Track every small to large file upload you do. Managing file transfers is extremely simple and you can get a complete snapshot of whatever transfer has been done without navigating through multiple screens.

QuickBooks add-on

Password-protected Transfers

Security is a prime concern when transferring files. Users can secure all the sensitive or confidential files transfers they make by assigning suitable passwords. Peace of mind is therefore always assured.


Your industry is highly specialized; so is your version of QuickBooks hosted with us

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QuickBooks can be integrated with hundreds of other applications to fulfill your complete accounting requirements. Techarex Networks support most of these add-ons which can be integrated with QuickBooks. Some of them are listed below

QuickBooks add-on
fish bowl
billdotcom certified
T Sheets

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Free Test Drive

Free Test Drive For Quickbooks Hosting

Learn first-hand how well QuickBooks Hosting with Techarex Networks cloud fits your business: Try it out for free.

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It refers to storing your QuickBooks software and data on a Cloud based server, thereby allowing you and your peers gain access to the software from any location. So, anyone authorized to access the data can use it with help of any Internet-enabled device.

Accessing QuickBooks in a hosted environment at high speed is the pre-requisite for most opting for hosting. The speed & performance of your hosted QuickBooks to a large extent depends on the overall efficiency of your service provider's datacenters. So, make sure your hosting company deploys technically advanced servers.

You need not worry for that. All your transactions are saved to the Cloud when you post it. In case there is an disruption in Internet connection before you save a transaction, you will have to wait to post it till the time connection gets restored. The data though will remain intact in the same window till it is open.

Both of these are Internet-accessible solutions. QuickBooks Online (QBO) though is suited for a service based business, hosted QuickBooks is suited for product based businesses. If advanced features and functionality is not your prime requirement, QBO is suitable for you. However, if you are a small-to-mid-sized business engaged in managing more complexity and operating from multiple locations, hosted QuickBooks is the perfect choice.

With your QuickBooks accounting software hosted on a web server at a fully secured facility, you can use a full range of devices for accessing it. You can access and work on the data using a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, or simply your Smartphone.

You just need the Internet and that's all. No other network is required for accessing QuickBooks hosted on Cloud.

QuickBooks cloud hosting not only allows multi-device access but also multi-user access. It simply implies ability for more than one user to work on same data file. All changes made to a file are updated in real time. So, as soon as the user starts entering data into a QuickBooks file, the same gets updated at the same moment.

Not at all. Hosted QuickBooks is your doorway into fully featured QuickBooks on Cloud. It would be the same QuickBooks application overall that you have already been using in your conventional desktop; however, with some added multiuser features and more secured access.

You need not worry a bit about data security on our reliable QuickBooks Cloud platform. Our SAS 70 certified data centers are extremely secured to provide you maximum security and reliability. Moreover, we run dual backups which are kept on two different Cloud locations to ensure additional security from data loss. Password protected account access, updated hardware firewalls and anti-spyware software further prevent any sort of unauthorized access.

No, we are not Intuit. We are an independent Cloud and Managed Services Provider. Here is Intuit's website In case you want to know more about Intuit and their products like QuickBooks you can visit them.

No, we are not Intuit authorized hosting provider. But, we beat all the standards set out for becoming a Intuit Authorized service provider hands down. We are SOC, SSAE-16, PCI-DSS compliant with thousands of clients and years of experience on QuickBooks and Accounting industry. You can check out the list of Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers here

As the QuickBooks software is installed on our fully secure data centers managed by our team, you can get access to the application via secure remote connection. It thus eliminates the requirement of making any sort of investment in server or qualified personnel for IT maintenance.

QuickBooks Online Edition is the web-based/online accounting software solution offered by Intuit.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Hosting Program refers to a legally approved distribution & licensing program. Under this program, a hosting service provider is allowed to install and manage the desktop versions of QuickBooks for Windows for end users. QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise are the three versions supported for hosting under this.

In order to access the QuickBooks desktop software, the user needs to log into the service provider's server by entering a valid username and password.

Intuit does provide legal authorization to all hosts participating in the program. However, Intuit does not certify, guarantee or warrant the hosting environments of participating hosts (both Commercial and Standard).

All hosts participating in Intuit's hosting program are totally responsible for the full security, availability and backup of the data files and QuickBooks software hosted on their Cloud servers. The service provider thus needs to fully comply with the security related clause as mentioned in their end user service level agreement.

It's quite possible to host any of your QuickBooks' versions including Pro, Premier, Enterprise etc., on Windows Terminal Server. Such server is called QuickBooks Terminal Server or more often as QuickBooks on Terminal server.

Yes, QuickBooks Multi-User does allow real-time file editing. Multiple users can work simultaneously on one company file using the device of their choice without facing any issue. So, your team members can use different devices to work on the same file.

Both of these simply refer to the authorization (in form of a written agreement) given by Intuit to the Commercial or Standard Host to allow them remotely host specific QuickBooks software versions for use by licensed end users.

In order to connect to your QuickBooks Hosting desktop on Techarex Networks QuickBooks Cloud Platform, you just need a Microsoft Windows OS or Mac OS with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled. In a QuickBooks Hosting environment, you don't have to worry about the system requirements for your QuickBooks Edition/Version, your QuickBooks host (Techarex Networks) configures your desired QuickBooks Edition and Version on it's servers to provide you with a seamless and powerful QuickBooks Hosting experience.

QuickBooks Multi-User set-up is a more complicated set-up to collaborate together on QuickBooks company file. QuickBooks Multi-user environment enables you to work simultaneously on the same company file, but it requires to be set-up correctly on the local area network.

QuickBooks Hosting takes away all the hassles of QuickBooks Multi-user set-up on premises and provides more flexibility along with power of cloud computing to the end user. Some advantages of using QuickBooks Hosting to run your multi user set-up include anytime, anywhere access, low operating costs, low maintenance overheads and more benefits such as disaster recovery mechanisms and more. Chat with a QuickBooks Hosting engineer at Techarex Networks to know more.