Hosting refers to making your application available on World Wide Web. Hosting QuickBooks means that the QuickBooks software and data files are installed, stored, accessed and run on the servers of the cloud hosting providers, rather than on one’s own PC or server. To access the hosted QuickBooks, users need an internet connection to run their licensed QuickBooks software and data files.

To use QuickBooks in a hosted environment, you require an internet connection with good speed. A host is also needed to provide you with a legally authorized, safe, secure and reliable access. The performance of the hosted system depends on the expertise and capabilities of the authorized host.

Those QuickBooks versions that are not supported by the Intuit’s Service Discontinuation Plan policy cannot be hosted. All versions and editions of QuickBooks including the US and Canadian editions with full functionalities can be hosted. The entire range of editions from QuickBooks 2013 Pro to QuickBooks 2016 Enterprise are fully compatible with cloud server environment.

Hosting services can be availed with any of the operating systems like Mac, Windows or Linux. Your PCs can be connected to the third party server depending upon your systems configuration and capabilities and the browser specification and other requirements of the hosting service provider.

For a startup business, you might not have own QuickBooks license. In such circumstances, you may lease/ purchase the license directly from us at very nominal prices.

In case you want to terminate your QuickBooks hosting service with a hosting provider, then you need to take data backup from the hosting server to your PC and retrieve QuickBooks software licenses. Once your hosting services are terminated, you will be required to install QuickBooks on your local PC and continue using it.

There are no contracts or termination policies associated with hosting services provided by Techarex Networks. The users can discontinue the services as per their wish without following any terms and conditions of contracts or termination policies.

Yes, you can easily switch from QuickBooks online (QBO) to hosted QuickBooks. Our technical experts will help you to switch to the hosting environment. If you wish to work on the functionalities of Desktop QuickBooks with anytime anywhere access, then you need to contact Techarex Networks.

Yes, a local copy of your QB data files can easily be saved on your desktop. However, doing so may cause data inconsistency since the files are operated on the central remote server.

Yes, hosting QuickBooks with Techarex Networks allows you to access your accounting data from an iPad, blackberry and smart phone.

Yes, other add-ons/ applications can be integrated and used with hosted QuickBooks only if they are compatible with the cloud hosting working environment.

No, you don’t have to pay any extra penny for multiple QuickBooks files. We charge neither on per minute, byte or file basis but on per user basis.

When you opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting, then we host your QuickBooks on the cloud environment that is structured on our secure terminal servers. Thus, the user saves the cost of IT infrastructure. Moreover, the user does not need to pay anything for the installation and maintenance of the software since our technical team handles troubleshooting of all the IT issues.

Automatic data backup is scheduled three times a day, free of cost. You do not need to spend money to ensure the security of your data. Moreover, we maintain 30 days of rolling data back-up, for the security of misplaced data and files.

Yes. We provide top-tier data centers (Tier IV), fully-clustered server redundancy, automatic backup, virus monitoring, firewall protections that help to secure your critical data and applications against accidental data loss and natural disasters.

GoToMyPC is a remote access tool which allows you to login to another system violating a number of security issues. You can access any file or email. Speed reduces as you work against their Internet connection. Printing is complex with remote access tools.

QuickBooks Online is entirely different from hosting services. Including full-features of QuickBooks Desktop version, Techarex Networks also provides inventory, grouping, advanced reporting in the standard desktop versions.

You can avail the hosting services, even with the slow internet connection. We use techniques which enable you to be online, no matter how stagnant your Internet connection might be. As long as you are connected to the Internet, we shall ensure that you receive the full benefit of our hosting operations.

Techarex Networks Cloud Hosting provides full-featured desktop version of QuickBooks on the cloud. Furthermore, the ability of multi-user access any time anywhere can be utilized as an added advantage. Antivirus, intrusion detection systems, firewalls and 128-bit encryption add up to the virtual protection of the system.

Remote access to QuickBooks files is available with QuickBooks pro but with limited functionalities. QuickBooks hosting offers an altogether new edge to accounting functionality as multiple users can access the same data file anytime anywhere. The client is assigned a dedicated server where he can get the required QuickBooks editions hosted. License to the hosted edition can provide hassle-free usage of different QuickBooks editions on the same server.

When you are planning for small investment and need cloud access to your data from a remote location, then our QuickBooks remote hosting service is the best choice. Our services enables user’s easy access to the application and provides them full functionalities of the desktop version.

User also enjoys the benefits of mobility and scalability. The centralized database enables multiple clients to view the same data, work on it or access the files at any time from different locations. Hosted QuickBooks also has the ability to work with different add-ons on the very same server.

You are required to validate the ownership of the application in case you have the QuickBooks license information and certain information like your local computers’ operating system and details of the user who will operate hosted QuickBooks.

You need not worry about data loss. You are the owner of your data. If you wish to move it, you can simply drag and drop your files back to your computer.

Our engineers will handle such a situation. Our technical team will respond to your alert within few minutes, and do the needful so that you can resume your work. We provide 24X7X365 support, so you do not panic in such situations.

We host all versions and editions of QuickBooks. Whether you are using the US, UK, Australian, or Canadian editions, we have got you covered. All these editions released from 2005 onwards are totally compatible with our server set-up. Our advanced server environments are capable of managing all your QuickBooks editions, and keep them organized in one central and secure place.

We do. Our technical experts help you to transfer your information to and from our servers so that you have your computers synchronized with the up-to-date information.

We have our servers equipped with intensive protection in terms of both physical server security and virtual cloud security. Our servers are monitored with biometric access at the data center with 24×7 surveillance cameras to ensure complete live monitoring.

YIf one of our centers is taken offline for maintenance, your data will be present on the other servers, and you will be live. In fact, we guarantee upto 99.995% server uptime, just to ensure that you are always connected.

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