QuickBooks Enterprise Powered by Techarex Networks Cloud Is More Powerful,Feature Rich and Economical


Highly Efficient

1 User or 30. With QuickBooks Enterprise you can manage everything with ease, without losing control

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access QuickBooks Enterprise From Anywhere,Anytime without any fuss.

Comprehensive &Flexible

Manage multiple tasks with ease. May it be paying your employees, filing payroll taxes or tracking your inventory

Reliable Support

Our award winning, certified support team has your back in case of any contingencies

QuickBooks Enterprise Benefits at a Glance

  • Pay Your Employees Swiftly
  • Customizable &Powerful Reports
  • Efficiently Manage Your Inventory
  • Economical Pricing
  • Faster and Better Search Engine
  • Cleaner, Simpler User Interface
  • Personalized Editions for Your Industry
  • Access from Anytime, Anywhere with Techarex Networks Cloud

Why Choose QuickBooks Enterprise with Techarex Networks?

Enhance your business productivity with our unique and latest QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting solutions. Enterprises need Enterprise grade security. We provide seemless, unbreachable security round the clock. Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise with Techarex Networks simplifies business management. We offer following Desktop Enterprise Hosting benefits:

  • Reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance cost
  • Data remains highly secure due to firewall protection
  • Disaster recovery helps protect your data against natural disaster or data loss
  • Dedicated support from engineers
  • Collaborate easily with multi-user access to QuickBooks
  • Automatic updates and upgrade of QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Highly available infrastructure for optimum resource utilization
  • Access your QuickBooks Enterprise from anywhere, anytime

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QuickBooks add-on

Large File Transfers

You can transfer 20 GB data in a single attempt. Small files or big ones, with our File Transfer service, you can transfer huge data with minimal effort.

QuickBooks add-on

Complete Transfer Overview

Track every small to large file upload from one place. Managing file transfers is extremely simple. You can mmonitor real-time or look at historic reports of the transferrd data without going through multiple screens.

QuickBooks add-on

Encrypted and Secure Transfers

your transferred data is highly encrypted and secured with strong passwords. This ensures your data never falls in wrong hands

Custom Solutions for Your Industry

Your industry is highly specialized; So, we have tailored QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for you

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QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting/User

$ 39.00

QuickBooks Enterprise

10+ Users?


Free Support for Hosted Applications

  • File Explorer
  • Excel Viewer
  • Enterprise Security
  • Microsoft Office
  • 90 Days of Backups
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Word
  • Cloud Print
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Dedicated Support for QuickBooks and All Applications.
Our lightening-fast response time for:

  • Phone Support <60 Sec.
  • E-mail Support <10 min.
  • Chat Support <60 Sec.


QuickBooks Enterprise

Easily manage your accounting with QuickBooks Enterprise edition for Manufacturing and wholesale industries.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Get mnre done and keep track of your business by using QuickBooks Enterprise edition for contractors.


Keep a track of all donations and raise more funds with the help of QuickBooks Enterprise edition for nonprofits.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Manage your retail business effectively with QuickBooks Enterprise edition for retail industries.



QuickBooks can be integrated with thousands of add-ons tailored to your specific needs. Techarex Networks provides out of the box integration with most QuickBooks Add-ons. Check out the complete list below:

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If you are looking for enhanced productivity and seemless collaboration ability for your business, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is perfectly right for you. It provides you seemless and secure access to your QuickBooks Enterprise software from any location. Moreover, due to user access management capabilities, only the required personnel have the access to the required data.

Microsoft Excel and Word work with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in the same way as these do with the desktop version. In case, you have pre-installed Microsoft Word and Excel, you can quite easily export all of your QuickBooks Enterprise reports to Excel. The estimates, invoices and other related statements can be accordingly exported to Word. Moreover, if you want to access Word and Excel hosted versions over the Internet, you just need to lease Microsoft Office from us for some extra fee. Hosting for those applications will be covered at no additional charge.

No differences exist in the way these services work with your QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service. Henceforth, you must expect the same functionality with these services like you do on your local system.

Yes, by going for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service, you can stay assured of compatibility of these too. Just like your credit card scanner & barcode scanner work on your local computer, they will work the same way with the hosting service too.

For getting connected from any Internet-based service, you will need a fast Internet connection. Though experiences may considerably vary, a number of customers have noticed better speed and functionality once they switched to QuickBooks Hosting.

Yes, you can keep a copy of all your QuickBooks files and data on your local desktop/laptop. You can follow the practice on a regular basis. However, it must be mentioned here that we do provide automated full data backup facility to our customers at no extra cost.

Yes, we provide easy user access management to control access to your data. Customization allows you to control users in the way you want. As per your requirement, your account will be configured in a way that allows you to see & access your clients' data. However, your clients will have access only to their own respective files.

Yes, our QuickBooks Enterprise hosting plans are available with 24x7 free support. So, you can easily reach our trained experts anytime. All your support requests are handled at the highest priority. Our support team responds to all your requests in a few seconds - be it via telephone or chat.

Not at all. We offer straight-forward pricing to our customers that eliminates any extra costs. So, you can rest assured that you will not be charged a bit more except the charges mentioned on our website.

We run daily backup on our client’s critical data and the same is kept on two highly secure cloud servers in 3 different secure data center locations. Automatic data backup is done three times a day at no extra cost. So, no need to spend anything on deploying costly data backup solutions.

You need to provide a QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 or QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 or older version license to avail the services. If you are just going to start a business, then the chances are that you don't have a copy of QuickBooks Premier yet, in that case you need to purchase that license.