Breaking News: What's Happening with Techarex Networks

Techarex Networks QuickBooks Cloud Now Integrates With 70+ Add-Ons for a Superior QuickBooks Experience

SEP 28, 2017 15:00 EDT

DALLAS, September 28, 2017 ( - Techarex Networks an innovative cloud and managed service provider has released new enhancements to its QuickBooks Cloud product line.

Techarex Networks Upgrades Its Infrastructure to Deliver Optimum Experience on QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Hosting

September 8, 2017 16:03 EST

DALLAS, September 8, 2017 ( - Techarex Networks, a well-recognized cloud and managed hosting service provider has upgraded its infrastructure to deliver an optimum experience on QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
Along with the infrastructure upgrade, Techarex Networks has also launched a special offer to automatically upgrade existing clients to QuickBooks 2018 on request. For new customers who choose QuickBooks Hosting with Techarex Networks they will provide QuickBooks 2018 without any additional charges. This offer is valid until 31st Sept.

Techarex Networks Announces Free QuickBooks and Tax Applications Hosting for CPAs

JAN 17, 2017 16:03 EST

Dallas, TX, January 5, 2017 ( - A leading cloud and managed services provider Techarex Networks has added more Accounting, ERP and Tax Solutions to its current portfolio of cloud products and managed services.

Techarex Networks Adds Major Accounting, ERP and Tax Solutions to Its Product Portfolio

Dallas, TX, January 5, 2017

Dallas, TX, January 17, 2017 ( - A leading Cloud and managed services provider, Techarex Networks has announced availability of absolutely free QuickBooks hosting for CPAs.

Techarex Networks Launches Cloud Solutions for CPAs and Accounting Firms

DALLAS, USA, December 5, 2016

Techarex Networks a leading cloud and managed services provider has launched customized cloud solutions for CPAs and accounting firms.Techarex Networks solutions are built around addressing the problems CPAs and accounting firms face regularly like collaborating with their clients, file sharing, syncing data between different applications data security and managing business critical resources.

Techarex Networks Amplifies Its Cloud Platform for Unparalleled QuickBooks Hosting

DEC 12, 2016 10:48 EST

Dallas, Texas, December 12, 2016 ( - ​​​​​​It is important to stay up and running without any downtime, especially during the tax season to maintain optimum productivity and for the success of your business.

Techarex Networks Launches the Most Profitable Partner Program for CPAs and Accountants

UPDATED: DEC 19, 2016 14:01 EST

Dallas, TX, December 19, 2016 ( - Techarex Networks is a fast-growing cloud and managed services provider based in Dallas, Texas. As an initiative to provide more value and benefits for accountants and CPAs, Techarex Networks has officially launched the partner program in U.S. and Canada.