Why Lacerte Hosting Services with Techarex Networks is the Best

Techarex Networks Lacerte tax software hosting ensures that various hassles that restrict the tax processing operations, like – particular device dependence, immobility, on site-IT staff requirements etc. do not exist any longer. Our Lacerte hosting services relieve you of all such constraints; thus allowing you to process the taxes while being in any part of the world with help of any device

Lacerte hosting with Techarex Networks comes with following pros

No Access Constraint

Your Lacerte software hosted in our Cloud is accessible by your team members and co-workers anytime while being anywhere

Seamless Integration

Integrate easily with other available applications and export/import data into tax returns for directly submitting from within the virtual server terminal

Support As Needed

Round-the-clock technical support from our highly qualified and experienced engineers ensures that all your Lacerte related issues are fixed rapidly

Security Guaranteed

Data security is never compromised at our end due to deployment of advanced, encrypted servers which eliminates all your worries related to data confidentiality

Add-ons Compatibility

Lacerte Hosting with Techarex Networks enables compatibility of all Lacerte Add-one including Tax Import, Document Management System, Scanner Solutions, Tax Planner and Tax Analyzer

Reliable data Backups

Our tier IV certified data centers store all your data. Reliable data backup is further assured by storing data at several off-site locations to guarantee your business continuity

Secured Access

Only authenticated users have access to your data stored in our Cloud as it is fully secured by enhanced passwords. You can even define the level of access assigned for individual users

No IT Burden

With our team taking the entire responsibility of data backups, technical assistance and other security needs, you need not get busy with these technical parameters

Why Choose Lacerte for your Tax Requirements

Lacerte software in Cloud provides clients with better integrated solutions ranging across data collection, research, consulting, tax preparation, and practice management. It provides clients the robust end-to-end system that helps to considerably reduce time to complete as well as manage all crucial tax related works

Following are the benefits of using Lacerte

  • Reduced data-entry time
  • Automatically identify & convert forms to PDF
  • View client progress easily
  • Backed by strong diagnostics
  • integrated tools & automated calculations
  • Lesser hassle due to ease-of-use

Make the Right Move Now

Using Lacerte tax software hosted on Techarex Networks Cloud allows accountants to gain access to their entire critical data & files by using any machine/device. Your team members will not require getting together for in-office meetings as they will get the leverage to work collaboratively on tax returns from wherever they are located by deploying Lacerte software hosted in Techarex Networks Cloud.

Moreover, multiple users can benefit from real-time editing at peak efficiency with multi-user access ability. At Techarex Networks, our aim is to ensure that you derive the optimum out of your Lacerte software’s highly intuitive, robust and attractive user interface while our engineers happily fix all hosting-related issues that arise in the way of you deriving better user experience. So, get in touch with our Lacerte hosting experts today.

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