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Our Solutions

Data Storage and Management

Store important files securely and cost-effectively with significant durability and easy accessibility. Healthcare research professionals can store and retrieve this data at ease whenever required, with cloud based storage, Terabytes of data can be stored and worked upon without slightest of data accessibility delays.

Patient Information Management

Store critical patient information on Techarex Networks cloud, easily access, update and edit patient information on your patient management systems. We support and provide hosting for the major patient information management systems.

Remote Diagnosis and Telemedicine

We offer solutions to in the field of Telemedicine that provides an innovative approach in the remote delivery of healthcare services over long distances, including diagnostics, preventive medicine and nutrition. Innovative technology and superior infrastructure enables the possibility to offer precise new generation diagnostics in a simplified way.

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Why Our Solutions Are Right For Health-Care

  • The doctors now have the ability to collaborate with ease, invite, discuss online with another doctor (without limitations) in real-time medical examination and diagnostic of the patients.
  • Our solutions offer anytime, anywhere and any device access to doctors and patients.
  • By leveraging the VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) technology, doctors now have access to patient data anytime, anywhere on their favorite devices, desktop and smartphones.
  • Doctors can diagnose and monitor patients 24*7*365 video calls with diagnostics on mobile or desktop with ease.

Unique Benefits We Bring to HealthCare

Simplified Management

Using VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) you can easily collaborate, work from anywhere and on your favorite device .

Enhanced Security

Your data and infrastructure is protected behind 3-layer security architecture, in tier IV+, HIPPA compliant datacenters.

Go Green

Virtual desktop interfaces use 10 percent of the power of a traditional PC, VDI helps reduce energy costs and can decrease the carbon footprint by up to 80 percent.

Business Agility

Accommodate new business needs by quickly adding new desktop users or groups of users.

Reduce Costs upto 60%

VDI also ensures that you do not have to invest in building bare bone infrastructure or invest your time and energy on building your IT team to manage on premises infrastructure which ensures optimum utilization of resources.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

You can access patient data, reports, diagnosis reports. Case studies etc. anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our infrastructure is built on industry-leading cloud infrastructure guidelines and can automate desktop backup and recovery as a business process in the datacentre.

Financially Backed SLA Support and Services

All our products and services come financially backed to ensure no downtimes and business continuity.

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