Drake Hosting Services Benefits Techarex Networks Brings Along

Techarex Networks' Drake hosting services allow you to easily prepare any tax return, be it personal, business, federal or state with help of Drake software hosted in the cloud. You can extend the existing capabilities of your Drake Software by gaining anywhere, anytime access to it at the minimal cost.

Following are the prominent benefits of Drake hosting with Techarex Networks

Collaboration Like Never Before

Boost your productivity and efficiency by gaining better, more effective collaboration with your co-workers, clients and team members.

Advanced Security Measures

We understand the importance of data confidentiality and accordingly implement the best-in-breed security measures and authentication protocols to keep your data safe.

Accessibility Simplified

No matter which part of the world are you, we ensure that you get access to your tax software using the location and device of your choice.

Forget Data Loss

All your data is backed up pretty frequently - that eliminates the need for you to deploy extra backup while also keeping you relieved.

Upgrades Ensured

No need to devote time to fix issues related to software upgrade or updates as we handle the same for you simply at no extra cost.

Save Costs

With your Drake software hosted on our Cloud servers, you cut down the costs related to In-house server maintenance, thereby improving your ROI.

Expert Assistance

We ensure quick fixing of all issues related to your Drake software. Our technical support team is available round-the-clock for the same.

Reliability Assurance

We ensure 99.995% server uptime. Our technically advanced servers run at optimal efficiency, thus keeping your business running seamlessly.

Why Drake Tax Software for your Business

There is no need for you to buy modules separately as each & everything you need for your tax work is included in one single software package of Drake. The all-inclusive tax program of Drake includes forty seven state packages, each of which is fully comprehensive and provides favorable business returns.

Drake application also covers the entire states along with income taxes and multiple cities & localities. Benefits of using Drake are given below

  • Comprehensive Audit Support
  • Easy-to-use Tax Calculator
  • Accurate Loan & Savings Calculator
  • Ability to Import Past Year's Tax Info
  • Preview Taxes Hassle-free

  • Separate and Joint Filing

Let Our Drake Cloud Hosting Experts Help you

With Drake tax software hosting from Techarex Networks, you can quite efficiently prepare the tax return you want, be it personal or business, or even federal or state. Hosting your Drake software in our Cloud will make you and your team highly productive & efficient. Moreover, you will gain from spending more time working with your existing clients in order to build your business more effectively. Our professional experts help you save your valuable time so that you can process more tax returns quickly.

Moreover, your client details and other crucial information will never be lost due to our data backup & restoration services. Also get free, unlimited access to our knowledgebase and expert support of our team thoroughly trained in fixing Drake software issues. Connect to our experts today to know more on our Drake hosting services.

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