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We Excel in Providing the Precise Managed Solution Customized According to your Business Needs

Our managed hosting services are designed in a manner to effectively relieve your IT burden. Leverage our cost-efficient managed hosting services to improve your business productivity while utilizing internal resources more wisely & efficiently.

Subscribing to Our Services is Easy

Immensely reliable & efficient, our dedicated hosting and managed support are perfect for Large e-commerce websites and business applications like SharePoint, office 365, Microsoft exchange and SQL. So all you need doing is to buy some support hours to allow our tech experts to resolve any issue related to your IT environment.

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Minimal Ownership Cost

  • No Payment Overburden : Make small payments throughout the life of your custom contract with our "pay-as-you-go" facility.
  • No Additional Expenses : We don't levy a single penny extra for hardware/software updating, repairs, and security.


Rapid Infrastructure Build Up

  • Minimal Go Live Time : No more waiting for weeks to go live as we make your websites up & running in few days.
  • Improved Administrative Control : Unlimited customization options await you as you gain absolute access over your server.



  • Virtualization : Your environment can be scaled with ease - thanks to Virtualization technology.
  • Totally Tailored Fit : You get to build the ideal environment suiting the financial & technical requirements of your business while also gaining the leverage to allocate hardware resources.


Collaboration Capabilities Extended

  • Extranet, Intranet, & Public-facing Collaboration:
  • Optimum Collaboration Ensured: You can collaborate across multiple security boundaries in one platform.


Avail Reliable & Dedicated Support

  • Dedicated Support : We are available 24/7/365; so no matter where you are & what time zone is it, our experts are always available for you.
  • Reliable Support : Our expert support can be availed via phone, online chat, or social and we ensure that its reliable enough for you to stay tension-free.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable & Secure ort

  • Reliability : Our dedicated hosting services ensure optimum reliability aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Security : Our high-level secured servers ensure no security breaches, thus keeping you relieved of data security related worries.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

  • Simplified Disaster Recovery : Our disaster recovery plan is well-designed to ensure data security in highly challenging, complex situation.
  • No Tension of Data Loss :All valid measures are taken to effectively safeguard your data from any permanent loss.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

  • Effective Cloud Backup : - We ensure providing systematic, performance-oriented Cloud backup.
  • Performance Boost Ensured :A long list of Cloud backup extras come packed essentially to boost your overall performance.