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Techarex Networks Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. Choose from computing, storage and application services for your web, mobile and backend solutions.


Our data center is located in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. It is in a Tier 4+ facility with a 3 layer security and power back -up system to ensure your data is always safe, secure and accessible, this also means there are no blackouts even in the event of long period of power losses or adverse climate conditions.

Our Data Center Features

Fully Certified Hardware

Our datacenter construction involves use of quality hardware derived from our technology partners including VMware, CISCO and Microsoft.

DDos protection

Avail highly effective DDos protection that's non-disruptive and ensures comprehensive shielding against layer 3-4 and 7 DDos threats

True failover

Advanced Features include failover & load balancing for ensuring no downtime and thus no loss of productivity

Totally Secured Power Grid

A three-tier security system effectively safeguards our power-grids that further eliminates the chances of any blackouts and downtime

Round-the-clock monitoring

Monitoring of our servers and infrastructure is done 24x7 that ensures instant fixing of any loopholes or triggers.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our datacenters have been designed with the aim of having a robust technology infrastructure and network model that maintains our clients' business safe.

What Makes Our Data Centers Ultimate?

Global Load Balancing

Extend workloads across different datacenters via global load balancing solutions that help routing your traffic geographically

Reliable Servers

We blend industry best practices with cutting-edge solutions to deliver infrastructure resources like performance & availability to applications demanding them

Advanced Technology

Our redundant servers enable flexible expansion via embedded functions for supporting multiple data center workloads.

Offsite recovery

Offsite backups & recovery options help replicating your critical data for supplementing your business continuity plan.

Secure, Certified Facilities

Biometric security and absolute redundancy in all major critical systems is available for each data center.

Architectural Advantage

Industry best practices utilized for providing customers the absolute architectural advantage in terms of speed, reliability, power, and uptime.

4 Factors Defining Our Data Center’s Excellence


200,000-gallon fuel reserve

Diverse, 34.5-kV power feeds

Solid-state static transfer switches

33 1300-kW rotary UPS systems

33 2,250-kW diesel-powered generators


Minimum N+1 redundancy

1,000,000-gallon chilled water reserve

Evaporative chilled water plants

More than 300 computer room air handlers

Network Connectivity

Native IPv6 private global IP network

Low-latency peering with top traffic destinations

Multiple diverse fiber paths

Metro connectivity

Access Security

24/7 security staff

Visitor screening

Dual-factor authentication by means of biometric & proximity scanners

Anti-tailgating mantrap door

Isolated shipping & receiving areas (package screening included)