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Smart Sizing the Remote Desktop Windows

A remote desktop is defined as a program or an operating system that has given viability to the connections that can made with the computers on the other locations. Now it is possible to see a remote computer desktop and connect with it as you are connecting to a local computer. A remote desktop facility has made the accomplishment of several tasks from distant places. List of these tasks include:

  • Access the system at the workplace from your home or any other location.
  • Connecting to your home computer from anywhere, even from your office.
  • Rectify a computer disorder.
  • Take care of administrative work.
  • Talk of things like a software application or any other process.

A remote desktop connectivity is dependent on the various protocols which also include Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), NX technology and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA). Some of the most commonly used remote desk top products are Citrix XenApp, CrossLoop, Jaadu (for the iPhone and iPod Touch), GoToMyPC, pcAnywhere and Chicken of the VNC. Most prominent examples of the brands that make use of remote desktop products are Apple and Microsoft. These remote desktop software and products are available to be used for multiple operating systems and platforms as well as hand held devices.

Most of the people complain about the small screens of their desktop or laptops. Not just this, they also quite uncomfortable with using an external display that is of a resolution different from the desktop of your remote server. To get rid of this problem a sizing technique involves getting rid of irritating scrollbars. It automatically adjusts the size of the remote desktop content to fit in the screen of the system that is being used by a user.

To save yourself from these annoying scrollbars just click on the top right corner of RDP and tap the smart sizing option to enable it.

At times a need may arise to run GUI tests on a remote desktop. For this make sure that the remote desktop window can be seen on the system you are using. In case you have minimized the remote desktop window or have got disconnected during the session the test will fail. Following the test running requires you to control the remote desktop even the display and the resolution. It is important that the screen resolution of the remote computer should match that of the master computer. For this you need to mention the properties of a remote desktop connection is a special way, following some below mentioned steps:

  1. Start the remote desktop connection window by clicking on to start then all Programs, then accessories and finally Remote Desktop Connection in that.
  2. When options get displayed click save as in there.
  3. In the .rdp file specify the path to save the remote desktop connection.
  4. Click save followed by closing remote desktop connection options window.
  5. Once the .rdp file gets created in an editor, open that file to add the following sting at the end of the file: smart sizing:i:1
  6. At the end double-click the .rdp files icon to initiate the remote desktop connection session which will lead you to the option resizing the remote desktop window.

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