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PowerPivot & Power View – Extreme Benefits Discussed

Excel add-ins have worked wonders in giving rudimentary data a useful form. Since the task of data examining and business intelligence have been very demanding, excel add-ins: PowerPivot and Power view were launched to make the process of business intelligence less challenging. Now the organizations are either outsourcing the task of data mining to specialized institutions in the field or setting up their own process to cater to the requirements of the business intelligence.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing the business intelligence setup is extraction of useful data that will be used by the users who are familiar with the information and have knowledge of using it to the business advantage. They are experts at extracting useful information from the data extracted and using it for strategic importance.

Excel has been a tremendously useful tool for the process of structuring data, but there are some limitations involved while working with large data sets. PowerPivot and Power View are the excel add-ins which have abridged the complications involved in working with large data sets. PowerPivot has upgraded the process of data collection, aggregation and analysis, allowing users to gather detailed business intelligence information using excel.

Even when the many business users were comfortable using Excel for data analysis they ended up facing serious problems. The problems that user experienced while using Excel was the inadequate number of rows in a workbook and the poor performance of excel while examining large amounts of data. Since they were quite contented with excel for its analytical performance users could effectively they demanded workbook containing millions of rows of data, so that deal with they could analysis of large data sets to bring out desirable results. This is what inspired the roll out of PowerPivot.

PowerPivot has stimulated the task of analysis of large data sets. It enabled the collection and aggregation of large data sets which could now be easily analyzed in one workbook. Hence, all the restrictions on the amount of data that can be put in one excel workbook were discarded. PowerPivot has eased down all the difficulties related to analysis of large data sets using excel.

Benefits of Excel add-ins where answer to the problems faced during data analysis for business intelligence. Using Power View data analyzers were now able to give a form to the information extracted during the process of data examination. They were able to form report using the information and these reports were easily readable as well understandable. These reports were made using data visualization options. Report building facilitated the combining data and sharing it to be used while forming strategies. These add-ins where developed on the idea of using information fruitfully.

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