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How Different Are Horizon Workspace And Horizon Mirage

Mobility is the only reason behind VMware’s innovation to bring together Mirage and Workspace under the same umbrella. They both are coupled under horizon banner but serve completely different purpose. The main aim of horizon suit is designed to maximize the end user computing experience at companies and organizations.

If we minutely study the difference between the two of them we can observe their desperate needs. Horizon mirage works on VMware’s acquisition Wanova technology which is serves its purpose of administering and maintaining physical desktops. It is a complete image management product and the most important thing in it is the connection broker, also known as view manager. It connects end user to their virtualized desktop in the datacenter.

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If we see workspace which is more of a mobile management application it helps to establishes a secure method to send and receive documents with co-workers and clients. Horizons workplace contains applications and data that they can access from any device — smartphone, tablet or laptop — so long as they have an Internet connection.

A Horizon mirage can deliver applications from a browser on Windows and on mobile devices. It also allows end users the ease to access one’s own device while serving the need of the business to keep apps and information secure.

In order to establish better understanding regarding the diversity of these both, let’s begin with a questionnaire-

Q- Why do we need VMware’s Horizon Mirage?

It is a   complementary application, which is designed to fulfill all the various use cases that a company will need to maximize the experience of the end users .It certainly leads to maximize the productivity. It brings down the roaming profiles and eases up sharing of files between two different company locations.

Q- How can administrators manage horizon view virtual on desktops?

If a system admin needs to replace or redeploy the operating system on a View desktop, then Horizon Mirage can perform this task while keeping the user’s applications intact. Workspace as a web-based portal for your company’s critical apps and data files.

Q- What kind of interface does a Horizon Workspace provides?

Horizon Workspace provides a single centralized interface for all users to securely access their company’s applications and data – from any device. With Workspace, administrators gain simpler, centralized, policy-based management for all users where end-users gain the freedom to be mobile while accessing their company’s data on any device at any time.

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I hope the questionnaires help you establish a better understanding of the disparities between Horizon mirage and horizon workplace.

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