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Official Release of VMware’s Photon OS Platform

Developed by VMware, the Linux container host Photon OS is now available officially for download at GitHub. Photon OS is meant to be deployed for running container-based applications on Cloud platforms such as vSphere, Google and Amazon.

VMware's Photon OS Announced

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As per VMware spokesperson Gregory Murray “In a little more than a year, the team has evolved Photon OS from a technology preview into a mature operating system available as open source software that’s been vetted by VMware engineering, support and guest OS validation teams as well as thousands in the community.” – Source: Virtualization review

Currently working as VMware Product Line Manager in domain of Cloud-Native apps, Gregory believes that working at Cloud scale requires minimal OS footprint and quick boot times. With Photon featuring an overall 400MB weight and boot time of 200ms, both of these would be attainable. Photon has also registered constant improvement in runtime performance which is good news.

Two months prior to the much-awaited release, Murray said that there were enhancements being done to improve security. Enhancements being done involved testing Photon via a number of vulnerability scanning tools.

Attractive Plans Available for Application Hosting

A part of VMware’s Photon Platform, Photon OS has been described as the new, more optimized stack available for Cloud-native only environments which makes it different from vSphere Integrated Containers.

VMware’s Photon OS – A Brief Overview

A minimal Linux container host, VMware’s Photon OS has been optimized to efficiently run on VMware platforms. Completely validated on vSphere, Photon OS is focused totally on the vSphere platform. This has further made it possible to tune the kernel of Photon OS for VMware products & provider platforms.

The OS is also pretty compatible with container runtimes such as Docker, and with container scheduling frameworks, such as Kubernetes. Moreover, its yum-compatible package manager is open-source and allows for more efficient lifecycle management.

As per the “Photon Administration Guide,” made available with Photon, the Linux container host Photon OS would be available in a range of configurations. The smallest version will contain around 50 packages with limited features. With the full version, “several hundred packages” and many other features would be added.

As the OS is to be made available as open source software, all issues related to it would be addressed via VMware’s GitHub project page.  VMware is also providing a few helpful guides to help users get started with the Photon OS without facing any issues.

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