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Small Virtual Infrastructure Or Large Private Cloud, VMware TCO Is Lowest

With the updated VMware TCO Comparison Calculator customers can view the true Total Cost of Ownership variations among VMware and Microsoft.

It is user–friendly; just enter the fundamental parameters for your virtual infrastructure or private cloud environment, like the number of VMs, categories of servers and storage, and the product edition or functional features as per requirement. The calculator will generate a whole TCO analysis which includes all the essential elements of capital and operational expenses.

VMware created the TCO Comparison Calculator after having feedback from existing and prospective VMware customers. They assured such alternative inexpensive solutions based on Hyper-V.

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The totals cost elements of the calculator that our competition leaves out of their oversimplified comparisons, like: the system administrator labor costs to operate the environment (the biggest component of TCO and one that independent testing shows to be much lower for VMware); effects of VM density (where VMware has an advantage according to analysts like Gartner).

When all those cost elements were combined, the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator depicted that VMware solutions, ranging from a small business virtual infrastructure built with vSphere essentials to a full-featured huge enterprise private cloud depending on vCloud Suite Enterprise, having the lowest TCO – very often by substantial margins.

When the calculator was updated, It was observed that the VMware TCO advantage increased for few important factors.

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    • VMware latest vCloud Suite editions bundle the platform power of vSphere Enterprise Plus altogether with the management operations and automation efficiencies of vRealize Suite at very genuine pricing.
    • Log analytics powered by vRealize Log Insight is included with any configuration which includes vCenter Server or vRealize Suite, enabling VMware solutions more economical than alternatives which should make up for that capability by adding third-party software.
  • Microsoft’s adoption of core-based pricing in their forthcoming releases of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 enhances their solutions more expensive on mainstream servers which have higher core counts. The calculator expects both VMware and Microsoft hosts are licensed for Windows Server Datacenter edition, hence its core-based pricing penalizes customers of both vendors, however the lower VM density of Hyper-V implies more Windows Server licenses are required for a Microsoft platform. Also, System Center is required to manage Hyper-V and its higher costs along with core-based pricing fall entirely on the Microsoft side of the TCO comparison.

Another important improvement VMware made to the calculator is local currency support. Users are allowed to select USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, or JPY and the calculator is going to apply VMware and Microsoft list prices from those geographies.

This example from the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator depicts that the three year TCO for a 500-VM environment developed with vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus is going to be 33% less than a comparable solution depending on Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center.

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